How To Avoid A Sure Arrest Over Thanksgiving

new-britain-police and bondsman-thanksgiving

We all know Thanksgiving is time with family and friends over some stuffed turkey and mashed potatoes and whatever else lands on your plate while you are sober enough to realize it is eatable. Now let’s talk about some real facts that could land you in jail a lot faster than you think:

Surviving the in-laws: as I graciously heard at the grocery store “my in-laws are coming, got to get the booze to keep them quiet” so drink moderately especially if you don’t have a stellar relationship with the in-laws.

Do not talk about politics: with the recent presidential election and tons of unhappy voters, you just never know how republican or democrat someone can be when faced with some tough political conversation so avoid it. For more tips check Travel and Leisure article.

Do not drink and drive: drinking and driving cause the highest number of deaths in the United States. State Police in CT will be monitoring your driving through checkpoints statewide. See DUI Checkpoints in your hometown.

Avoid the money talk: whether you have it or not avoid talking about money. It usually makes people uncomfortable. Be thankful for what you have and work harder for what you don’t have.

Steer clear of sports debates: even though American football is the most watched sport in the country avoid getting into heated arguments over an interception or a questionable call about your favorite team.

In conclusion, our best advice is to use good judgment while you can and avoid getting arrested; jail is not the place to be for dinner on Thanksgiving. While our bail bondsmen are available to bail you out of jail, we would rather keep you home with your loved ones enjoying the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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