Mother's day visitation


Sunday is Mother’s Day and for most mothers, it’s a day to be spent with your loved ones, however, some children may need to look into Mother’s day visitation rules to visit their moms in prison. 

Now let’s talk about the mother who is away, sentenced or currently incarcerated at the York correctional in Niantic, also known as the CT women’s prison. These mothers will spend Mother’s Day in jail. The prison will allow for normal visitation and bail posting as usual but there is no special hours or any changes due to being Mother’s Day. In a few words, it’s simply another day there.

Mother’s Day Visitation for CT Women’s Jail

Here at 3-D Bail Bonds, we’re providing important information about Mother’s Day visitation at the Niantic prison. This is how you can visit someone who is currently serving time or being held on bail at this facility in CT.

  • First of all, call the Niantic jail at 860-451-3001, and have exact information ready about the person you are visiting for Mother’s Day.
  • You most likely will need to fill out the visitation form prior to visiting if you haven’t done it already.
  • Then, you will need to check the York Visiting Schedule and schedule your visit.

If you’re looking to post bail on Mother’s Day, this jail will be allowing bail bondsmen to post bail during normal hours. Our Niantic Bondsman, Peter, is serving the York correctional or “Niantic jail” on Mother’s Day, contact us at 860-447-2245 to get the process started.

The process at York is usually pretty smooth as long as you have all the paperwork required for your visit. Follow the simple steps to visit the jail on Mother’s Day and have a Happy Mother’s Day.