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Located in Hartford CT, our 3-D Bail Bonds service is the most affordable, local, and fast at all Hartford jails. Meet our team of bondsmen and experts in Hartford bail bonds today. Find affordable bail bonds with us 24/7. We come highly recommended for being honest, on time, and transparent when doing business with you.

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3-D Bail Bonds Hartford continues to serve during difficult times protecting customers and agents. We follow CDC and state guidelines and wear masks at all times. Learn more about our new process here. Check out the latest bail bonds Hartford Correctional procedure during COVID-19. 

Areli C.
Areli C.
09:55 24 Sep 21
Muy profesional y una atención magnífica,siempre estuvieron muy a el pendiente de mi,cuando pasa estos procesos uno se ciente solo pero con el equipo de trabajo de Rubén la experiencia es distinta te ciente en familia,el apoyo es desde el primer momento que llamas Dios los bendiga y de corazón no duden en llamarlos no se van arrepentir de hacerlo !❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Son unos tremendos profesionales , la confianza y tranquilidad que en esos momento uno pierde ellos te la dan .❤️♥️
Elijah T.
Elijah T.
16:23 23 Sep 21
damaris V.
damaris V.
15:10 23 Sep 21
H Brian D.
H Brian D.
02:12 23 Sep 21
I have referred many clients to this company and they are simply the best! Professional, responsive and always there when you need them! Thank you!!
chanier G.
chanier G.
01:04 21 Sep 21
Hector M.
Hector M.
13:19 18 Sep 21
I been using 3d bail bond since 2017 and when it comes to bailing u out they are the best make sure u go with my guy Ruben he is the best and I highly recommend him to get u out ur problems make sure u ask for Ruben and get the best service…. I called 3D bail bond and they got me out quick thanks for ur service and professionalism and they speak both English and spanish
Kate L.
Kate L.
04:39 18 Sep 21
Amanda B.
Amanda B.
23:10 17 Sep 21
Had to use them for a friend. Dan was awesome! He was there when he said he would be and made the whole process as painless as possible. He was very pleasant and explained everything as we went. Jason called back later to follow up and was just as helpful as Dan was. These are great guys to work with and I highly recommend them if you need bail bond services!! 🙂
Marisol M.
Marisol M.
16:50 15 Sep 21
3-D Bail Bonds is awesome, work fast, very reasonable, super friendly, and general great service and staff. Always there to help. Thank you so much for all you did for my family.
Jessica M Ayala T.
Jessica M Ayala T.
17:13 07 Sep 21
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Posting Bail in Hartford, CT – Useful Information

Get started fast with bail bonds Hartford CT

When calling 3-D Bail Bonds’ Hartford office, please have the name, date of birth, and jail where the person is incarcerated so we can start the process immediately. The bail bondsman’s phone number is 860-247-2245 or visit the office between Fishfry and Weston St directly across the Hartford Correctional center. Fastest Hartford jails service.


Choose how to pay for bail bonds

Find the most cost-efective bail bonds in Hartford by speaking to experts. Lowest fees and payment plans are always available. Several forms of payments are accepted including credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. We are here to get your loved one out right now. You can pay the fees in person at our 3-D Bail Bonds office or pay online on our website.

Find Hartford bail bond amounts by doing the following:

  1. You could call the Hartford police station located on High St. and inquire about the bond amount yourself. If the person is still arrested and already booked, they should have the set bail amount information.
  2. The best way to find Hartford bail bond amounts at police stations is by using a local bail bonding agency. Here is why; a local bail bonds company like 3-D Bail Bonds knows the ins and out of the bail processing in your community. These local Hartford bondsmen can find bail amounts plus criminal charges, conditions of release, next court date, the breakdown per bail, and most importantly they may be able to find more outstanding warrants if they exist.

The Hartford bail bonds process starts with our bail bondsman. Our licensed agent starts the paperwork at the police department so the bail can be immediately posted. Here at 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford CT, we’ll make sure your loved one gets released from any Hartford jail or prison quickly.

3-D Bail Bonds Hartford is always available 24/7 because an arrest is an emergency. Remember that your bondsman’s immediate response could make a big difference following an arrest; especially for first-time offenders. Dealing with the Connecticut Judicial Branch and public defendants can be overwhelming so let the agents walk you through every step of the bail process and get you out of jail now.

The right to post bail in Hartford is stipulated in the eighth amendment of the constitution of the United States; therefore, defendants have the right to post bail and attend court hearings dressed like tax-payers citizens instead of wearing prison uniforms. Posting bail may affect the outcome of a criminal case.

Our local and low-priced bail bonds Hartford CT service near you is available in Asylum Hill, Barry Square, Behind the Rocks, Blue Hills, Clay Arsenal, and Downtown Hartford. We also offer bail bonds in Frog Hollow, North East, North Meadows, Parkville, Sheldon Charter Oak, South End, South Green, South Meadows, South West, Upper Albany, and West End.

We love Hartford’s unique neighborhoods! Hartford bail bondsmen are proud to be part of the local community and they are here for you when you need them the most. See our successful toy drive filled with donations here.

Hartford CT bail bonds can be processed by using a nearby bail agency. A defendant who has been arrested by Hartford Police can have the bond posted as soon as he or she is processed. Our local bail bondsman starts the process by filing paperwork at the police station or courthouse where the person is arrested.

Then the arresting agency will run their standard processing to allow the bail bondsman to post the bail bond. It may only take 20 to 30 minutes to get someone out of the police station. Learn more about how to post a bail bond at Hartford Police and the steps of processing bail using a bondsman in Connecticut.

Hartford jail bail bonds are possible 24/7.

If for some reason you cannot afford the bail bond at the police station the day your loved one is arrested, he or she will be sent to the Hartford court or GA-14 for arraignment. Our bondsman can post bonds at the local court during regular court hours. If you didn’t post the bail in court, then your loved one will be sent to a Connecticut correctional center. Men arrested in Hartford usually end up at Hartford Correctional Center or “HCC” in the North Meadows. Women will be sent to the York Correctional Institution or “Niantic” at 201 West Main St. Niantic, CT 06357.

Hartford Superior Court

Hartford Criminal Superior Court serves the towns of AvonBloomfield, Canton, Farmington, Hartford and West Hartford in Connecticut. If your loved one was arrested in West Hartford, CT for example, he or she will most likely be arraigned at this Courthouse. Juveniles arrested in the Hartford area would attend the Juvenile Courthouse located on Broad St.

Hartford Police Department

253 High St
Hartford CT, 06103
See website

Connecticut State Police Troop H

This Hartford jail allows for bail bonds 24 hours a day. The Connecticut State Police Troop H in Hartford is located at 100R Washington St. The state police barracks phone number is 860-534-1000.

GA 14 or Hartford Superior Court Judicial District)

The Hartford Superior Court is located at 101 Lafayette St. The superior court’s phone number is 860-566-1630

Hartford Community Court

The community court is located at 80 Washington St. the court phone number is 860-756-7020. Their court office hours are Monday through Friday 9-5 pm.

Hartford Correctional Center   – 2021 Visitors Schedule and Property Pick-up  –  Visitors Guide

The Hartford Correctional facility is located at 177 Weston St, Hartford CT 06120. Their phone number is

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Stay tuned with our local blog! Finding a bail bond company near you is easy. Just look up 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford online and you will find the closest bondsman in minutes. Remember you can process bail remotely or in person at our Hartford location.

Rated as one of the Three Best Hartford Bail Bonds Service” by the Three Best Rated Local Businesses in Hartford, CT.

Hartford bail bonds are possible 24/7. Here is a review from one of many happy Hartford customers or visit our testimonials to see why our 3-D Bail Bonds service is highly recommended.

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Hartford jail bail bonds are possible with 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford! Here is what you need to know about local arresting agencies and how they function. We are the free bail bonds resource for all things bail-related for inmates and their families. Any bail at any Hartford jail 24/7/365.

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Memorial Day Bail Bond Offers

Find our Memorial Day Deals, payment plans, and 0% interest on all bail bonds in Connecticut!

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  • Hartford bail bonds reviews and testimonials are happening every day. You’re important to 3-D Bail Bonds, let us know how we did.  Our hardworking agents continue to work in getting feedback from customers they help. Read more about 3-D Bail Bonds exceptional service and reviews from customers.
  • Looking for the lowest priced bail bonds service? Learn more about 3 Percent Bail Bonds in Downtown Hartford CT.
  • Why it’s important to find a truly local bail bondsman who is licensed, reliable and honest. Posting bail in Connecticut’s capital can be challenging to residents who are not familiar with what bondsmen do and how they do it. A local Hartford bail bond agent can be more beneficial to you. Learn more about how to find a bondsman.
  • Let’s talk about Hartford crime. Is crime really down in Hartford? Read more about the latest released statistics here.
  • Everything you need to know about current open local superior courthouses. COVID-19 affected all Connecticut courts including Judicial and Juvenile courts. Court bail bonds are possible during court hours. Read more about their operations and services.
  • COVID-19 in prisons alarming public health issue in Hartford and throughout Connecticut.
  • Everything you need to know about drug charges in Hartford CT.
  • Bail bonds at Hartford jails 24/7. Find what you need to post a Hartford Police bail bond here.
  • Visiting the City of Hartford? Check out the city’s top attractions, historic sites, and local activities.
  • Check our newest infographic with the latest information.

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