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New London Court Functions During COVID-19 Outbreak

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How is the New London Court functioning during the COVID-19  pandemic outbreak in Connecticut?

After speaking to clerk personnel at the JD New London Court located at 70 Huntington St, we were able to verify more details about the functions during the COVID-19 pandemic. New London is one of the 15 Judicial District Courts functioning throughout the state.

new london court
Judicial District New London CT operating through Covid-19 Outbreak

The New London Superior Court GA10 has been closed along with the Norwich Superior Court GA21, both courts’ cases have been transferred to the New London JD Court until further notice

Last week the Branch Executive Directors made the announcement to offer limited service to protect staff, Judges, public defendants, attorneys, and the public in general. Each court location open during the outbreak will be only attending Priority Level 1 functions. Included in this type of function are arraignments, domestic cases, and bail bonds.

The New London JD Court is open regular hours from 9 to 5 pm Monday through Friday. So far there is no limit on the number of people entering this courthouse, according to clerk personnel. However most if not all inmates’ court appearances have been postponed to the end of April and others towards May. This is a precaution step to avoid inmates being exposed to others while in court. This applies to the accused and sentenced prison population. For those looking to process bail or to bail someone out of court, the bail bondsman can process it at this courthouse. They are also allowing to post bail on court-set bonds.

Connecticut Marshals working at these open courthouses have been given thermometers to check temperatures of prisoners coming into the court from police departments and other courts. According to Joe Gaetano, president of the IBPO Local 731 which represents the state’s judicial marshals said, “they were issued no personal protective equipment including face masks and there are no policy guidelines,” read the full article, here.

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