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Post Bail Now is More Important Than Ever

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“Post Bail Now and Avoid Crowded Jails”

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Posting bail is more important than ever because crowded prisons are the perfect hub for a coronavirus outbreak among inmates. The sentenced population has no choice but someone held on bail, can get out. CT Bail is still an option.

Connecticut is facing coronavirus. The number of infected residents is increasing by the hour despite the efforts to implement social distancing. Most non-essential businesses have been shut down generating an outrageous number of unemployment applications throughout the United States.

As Gov Lamont stated recently, we are in the beginning stage of this outbreak. The cases are increasing by almost 50 percent in 24 hours. See the latest CT report here.

Why Should You Post Bail Now More Than Ever

We contacted Drew Bloom, a first responder in his hometown but also a licensed bail bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds for the past 23 years. No matter what he says, “the safest place for people to be right now is at home with their loved ones. This will allow the virus to run its course and affect the least amount of people.”

If you have a loved one in prison today, post bail. The last place you want a loved one to be during a pandemic is in jail. Local police departments and county jails are not safe. Now more than ever the jails are the most dangerous place to get infected with the new COVID-19 coronavirus. So far all arresting agencies in Connecticut are allowing for bail bonds to be posted.

To help we are providing detailed information about the bail process at each arresting agency here:

Posting Bail at Correctional Centers in Connecticut

Bail posting at the Correctional centers is possible during the correctional operating hours. Here is what has changed due to coronavirus. Learn more by reading our CT police changes during coronavirus article.

  • Be prepared to open your mouth if you are headed to a correctional center in Connecticut. They are checking the temperature of everyone arriving at the prison.
  • The DOC staff and records are asking bail agents to minimize the number of people arriving at the jails. Preferably they would like to only see the bail bondsman and the one family member to process bail at all correctional centers.

Posting Bail in Court

Posting bail in Court is still possible. This includes court set bonds or bail after the arraignment.

  • Not all CT courts are taking temps, however; some agents reported that at some courts Judicial Marshals are taking temps of prisoners coming into court from police departments and or correctional centers without any instruction. Marshals are also concerned about what if a prisoner doesn’t want to open his or her mouth. Read more at CT News Junkie.
    • Judicial Marshalls are not properly trained in EMS and could be unintentionally spreading the virus
  • Now courts are limiting the number of people entering the building read more at Judicial website.
  • It is very unclear to know which cases have been postponed at this point and some are required to show up
    • Bondsmen have the access to be able to track court dates
  • Bail bonds, arraignments, and domestic cases are among priority level 1 functions
    • Most other cases are being continued out for a month or longer potentially sending people to the correctional centers to wait for long periods of time awaiting their next date

3-D Bail Bonds has bail agents throughout the state, available 24 hours, seven days a week to get your loved ones out of jail to avoid exposure to the deadly coronavirus. To protect our bondsmen and bondswomen we are offering online paperwork and online payment options that eliminate hand to hand contact. This Connecticut agency is offering the best bail options and flexible payment plans to help you get through this situation. Find a local bail bondsman by calling 860-247-2245 or call toll-free 800-5705544.