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Have you been charged with assault in Connecticut?

Remember everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. It’s’ the law. The outcome of a case may be determined by the actions you take to fight the criminal charges. There are many types of assault charges and they are all based on a variety of factors and circumstances. Here is a quick example: assault in the third degree is technically a class A misdemeanor. The punishments may be up to a year in jail, three years probation or even only a fine. So in a few words, the most important step after being charged with assault is to manage your way out of prison by posting bail.

Can 3-D Bail Bonds process assault bail bonds?

Yes, we can process bail bonds for assault at every Connecticut jail and courthouse. You will need to provide some information, the fees, and a cosigner who can assure you will follow and attend all scheduled court dates until the case is adjudicated. Even though a 1st-degree criminal assault bail bond may be higher compared to an assault 3rd charge, our company offers the same lowest fees and financing options to all customers. We offer a 0% financing option for all types of assault bail bonds. If you think there may be an outstanding warrant for assault charges, please call us at 860-247-2245. 3-D Bail Bonds will be happy to help.

The most important step after being arrested and charged with assault is to post the bail bond using a CT bondsman. 

bail bonds for assault charges

Click here for the top ten reasons to post bail in Connecticut. Remember being released from jail allows anyone accused of a presumed crime to obtain professional defense to fight the case on equal grounds.

The bail bond system equalizes the scales of justice by allowing the accused to be freed on bail while attending court. It doesn’t end there, if the accused decides to no longer attend court, the bonding company must utilize bail enforcement resources to locate the accused and bring them back to court within a time frame stated by law in Connecticut. See statute 54-65a.