bail bondsman

Tawn Burgos – Bail Bondsman

Hartford Bail Bondsman 

Posting bail in Hartford, Newington, Southington, New Britain and all surrounded towns.

Tawn also known as “TJ” is a local Hartford bail bondsman serving Hartford county in Connecticut. He’s licensed to post bail bonds in every CT town where there is a police department, a courthouse, or correctional institutions available.

TJ is a Wethersfield resident, a whole-hearted Denver Broncos’ fan and a very skilled skier. His favorite place to ski is Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, CT. During his free time, he enjoys time with his family and young nephews.

The fact that he can give freedom back to someone after an arrest or the rejoice of seeing a grandmother reunite with her grandchild is priceless to him. As a young adult, he understands the urgency to get to the police department and post bail the minute 3-D Bail Bonds receives the call, because sometimes time makes a big difference to someone behind bars.

As a bail bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds, Tawn is highly recommended and appreciated by everyone he meets. He’s the local bondsman in the Hartford area and all surrounding towns you want to post bail bonds with. 

Tawn can be reached at (860) 722-9955

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