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Our Glastonbury bondsmen are professional agents available in minutes 24/7.  A fast bail bonds service is key when life happens and you or someone you love ends up behind bars. We know every minute can feel like hours. Contact 3-D Bail Bonds, the fastest bail bond company around Glastonbury.

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A local and affordable Glastonbury bail bondsman is always available offering the best rates, payments, and a high standard of customer service at all times. Our service in Glastonbury CT is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so our CT bail agents can be of immediate assistance when you need them the most.

We value your choice and thank you for choosing 3-D Bail Bonds of CT. Glastonbury Bail Bonds are easy. Bail agents are located strategically near you day and night to provide the fastest jail release possible.

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Learning about bail bonds and bail bond companies in Glastonbury can be stressful. When someone you love ended up arrested and is being held on bail, it can feel like the end of the world for you. The thought of being in jail can be frightening and even traumatic for many. Before today you probably never heard of a bail bond or how they work or what a bail bondsman does that’s why we are here to help and explain the process in simple words. Bail is a form of pretrial release in which an arrestee is released for a fee paid to the bondsman under the compromise to attend all court hearings until a verdict is reached. To learn more read our article how a bail bond works in Connecticut and why you should use a Glastonbury bail bondsman when a loved one is in jail.

Glastonbury CT Police Department Information:

glastonbury bail bondsFirst of all, learn about the Glastonbury Police. The Glastonbury police department is located at 2108 Main St, Glastonbury, CT 06033, they can be reached at (860) 633-8301. When a loved one has been arrested at this police station, our bail agents can help. The bail bonding process is easy and often the person incarcerated could be released in about 20-30 minutes from the time we start the process.

Our Glastonbury Police bail bonds service is available 24 hours. We have a live bilingual agent 365 days a year. To bail someone out, you will need their full name, date of birth, place of arrest and if available the bond amount. Our staff will call the police to verify all the information provided so we can have accurate information and proceed to go over the cost and post the bond. In CT the DOI regulates all bail bond fees, to learn more see our fees page.

In case that the bail amount is large and you need financial assistance, we offer personalized payment plans so you can still take your loved one back home today and be able to continue paying your bills.

We are experts in bail and have a team of experienced Glastonbury bondsmen and bondswomen ready to answer questions 24/7.

Glastonbury Police Bail Bondsman – Only Minutes Away, Call 860-722-9955

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