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Bail Bonds Service in West Hartford CT Open 24/7

When facing a criminal charge in West Hartford, call the bail experts, we are always open!

Call 860-247-2245

3-D Bail Bonds West Hartford CT service open its doors in 1997 and since then we strive to be the top bail bond company choice for residents in West Hartford. Whether you forgot a court date or got into an argument with a neighbor over dog’s rights, our CT bail agents are there ready to help and guide after an arrest. There is always a 3-D Bail Bondsman in West Hartford available to help right now.

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Posting bail bonds at the West Hartford Police is usually easy and fast. Once the person is processed and a bail bond has been set then the bondsman can go ahead and post the bond. Since there are many times of bail bonds you may want to call the bail company first and have them verify the bond amount with the police or court so that you plan ahead with accurate information.

Among the variety of fine dining restaurants and shops, great schools and great living environment; West Hartford is usually among the best towns to live in Connecticut. However, crime and arrests happen even in the best towns. That’s why Bail Bondsmen in West Hartford are available day and night because you never know.

As a result, bail agents expertise and experience can affect greatly your personal encounter with the system. Attending all court dates after being released on bail may aid towards a better outcome in a criminal case.

Bail Bonds in West Hartford CT can be posted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more about who you hired for your bail bond needs visit our staff page and meet your bail bondsman or bail bondswoman.

West Hartford Police Department Information:

West Hartford Police Department
Address: 103 Raymond Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone: 860-523-5203

Geographical Area No. 14 at Hartford (Hartford County Jurisdiction)

West Hartford Court: Geographical Area No. 14 at Hartford also known as Hartford Court
Serving the towns of Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, Farmington, Hartford and West Hartford.