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3-D Bail Bonds Middletown CT offers local bail bonds service day and night weekends and holidays. Find the most affordable bail bondsmen service available to get you out of jail now!  Serving Middletown, CT Police since 1997, we are your “go-to bail bonds agency”.

When life happens, rest assured that 3-D Bail Bonds will be by your side 24 hours a day with the most compassionate service and a friendly hand willing to help. Speak with a licensed and experienced Middletown bondsman located near your police station. A fast bail bondsman’s response from a trusted bonding agency can save you time and money. Call now 860-357-5558.

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CT Bondsmen Near Middletown, CT Police

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Middletown, CT Police Department

Is someone you love arrested at the Middletown Police Department now? Our licensed Connecticut bondsmen are only minutes from this police station. 3-D Bail Bonds Middletown localized service is fast, affordable, and confidential.

Who We Are

We are a team of licensed professionals serving the state of Connecticut since 1997 with an impeccable reputation of service. Our highly trained agents understand the difficult situation one is when facing criminal charges.

How We Help After an Arrest

Soon after, the person arrested is booked, bail bondsmen can process their bail by collecting only a fee of the bond. 3-D Bail Bonds also offers resources for clients and their families with the steps to proceed after they get their freedom back.

Agents Offer Bail Bond Payment Plans 

When bail fees are too high and families can only come up with a portion of the fee, we work with payment plans and financing options. Connecticut’s law set bail fees per bond, but bondsmen can work financing.

Bail Bonds Financing Payment Plans

CT Bail Bonds Financing Available -
Payment Plans as low as $25 per week!

Contact Local Bail Bonds Middletown for Cheapest Bail Options

Local bail bonds Middletown CT is our expertise! Trust, a local agency doing business in Connecticut since 1997. Finding a bondsman as fast as possible is key when your loved one has been arrested. Whether you need to process bail at the local Middletown police station or the Middletown Superior Court, our agents are the fastest way out of jail.

Find affordable bail bonds, contact us at 860-357-5558, We’re open 24 hours!

Confidential consultations and bail bond verification by professional bail agents are completely free!

To start the bail bond processing in Middletown, our agents require some information, including the name and date of birth of the person currently incarcerated and the location where the person is arrested if you know it. Because we are based in Middletown, the agents are pretty familiar with police procedures and courts, which can reduce the time of jail release in half sometimes. Often times, a Middletown local bondsman knows how to ask questions when speaking to Connecticut’s law enforcement.

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Bail Bond Resources Middletown Area 

Middletown, Connecticut, located in the North-central area of the state, offers a variety of waterfront activities and rich history. The city used to be a busy sailing port and trading center in the 18th and 19th centuries, it later became an industrial and commercial center. Middletown is now mainly residential and is also home to Wesleyan University. It is also home to the CT CSP headquarters and other law enforcement entities.

Middletown Police Department

Address: 22 Main St. Middletown CT 06457
Phone: 860-638-4000

Middlesex Judicial District

Including Middletown Superior Court – Juvenile Matters at Middletown and Child Protection Session
Address: 1 Court Street, Middletown 06457 | Directions

Headquarters for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection:

Including Connecticut State Police Headquarters
Address: 1111 Country Club Rd. Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 860-685-8000

3-D Bail Bonds is fully licensed throughout the state to process bail bonds. Our bail bondsmen are highly trained to handle stressful situations with the utmost respect and confidentiality. The entire staff works hard to be the most trusted bail bond agency in Middletown, Connecticut. We strive to make the bail process as seamless and hassle-free as possible. For immediate bail bonds for the police station, superior court or correctional center, contact 3-D Bail Bonds Middletown at (860) 357-5558