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Our statewide agents are fully licensed and highly trained to assist you now. Behind bars, a person is more susceptible to agree to criminal charges simply because he or she may think is the best way to be out of prison. It’s not. When someone you know is arrested, contact the police department only to find out the bond amount and the charges if possible or better yet call a bail bondsman like the ones at 3-D Bail Bonds and ask them for help.

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Norwalk Police – 1 Monroe St, Norwalk, CT 06854. Bondsmen Available 24/7

Norwalk Bail Bonds Service Available at Arresting Agencies in Norwalk CT – What You Need to Know

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Our bondsmen provide a local, reliable and professional bail bonds service in your town. A bail bond company rapid response can save you time and money. In Norwalk, bail bonds are being posted at three places.

  1. Norwalk Police Department located at 1 Monroe St. in Norwalk.
  2. Norwalk Superior Courthouse GA-20 located at 17 Belden Ave in Norwalk.
  3. State Police Troop G located at 149 Prospect St in Bridgeport CT

After a person is placed under arrest he or she is taken to the local police department for booking. The very next day this person arrested will be brought to court for arraignment. If the bail is still not posted by a bondsman then he or she will be brought to the correctional center in Bridgeport. You can find more information about each correctional center in Connecticut here.

Bail Bonds State Police Troop G in Bridgeport CT

It is important to note that when driving on 95 corridors in Norwalk, state police Troop G can also make arrests even though they are located in Bridgeport. To avoid any police encounters that may land you in jail, make sure to be up to date with your motor vehicle when driving, never drive while intoxicated, and check with the local bail bond company about any possible outstanding warrants. 

Remember the Norwalk bail bondsman is on your side, they will the go the extra mile to get the information for you so you can take care of it right away. Avoid an embarrassing arrest, “turn yourself in” to police on your own terms a bondsman can help.

A sudden arrest can be detrimental to a family. The loss of income and the psychological trauma to their children and spouse are a few important things to mention. Processing the fast release of your loved one should be your number one priority. A bail bond set at the Norwalk police department can be posted as soon as the defendant is processed.

Norwalk Bail fees and Financing

We have personalized financing options towards our bail fees. All payment plans are offered statewide with no interest. For more details about Norwalk bail bonds please do not hesitate and contact us 24 hours a day. We are a truly bail bond company open 24 hours with live bilingual agents at all times. Our prices are very competitive. 3 percent bail bonds and payment plans as low as $25 per week are possible with us. Contact one of our Norwalk bondsmen at 203-838-4920.