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Our Hartford Bail Bonds office is located across the street from the Hartford Correctional Center. It’s a 2-minute walk to the Hartford jail or Meadows jail from our office. It takes us less than 10 minutes to get to the Hartford police department and CT State police “Troop H”. We serve all Hartford courts. Contact the best bail bonds in Hartford CT. We have local Hartford bail bondsmen near you always!



3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

Address: 57 Fishfry St. Hartford CT 06120 USA
Phone: 860-247-2245
Hours: Open 24 Hours

Our Hartford Bail Bonds team is here to help during this difficult time. We understand the need to get your loved one out as soon as possible. Time is everything when someone is in jail, minutes feel like hours. Call the Hartford Agent and post the bond before is too late. Hartford bail bondsmen are experts in the bail process in Connecticut. When calling the bonds company in Hartford, please have the name, date of birth, and jail where the person is incarcerated so we can start the process immediately. Lowest fees and payment plans are always available. Several forms of payments are accepted including credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. We are here to get your loved one out right now. We are rated as one of the “Three Best Hartford Bail Bonds Service” by the Three Best Rated Local Businesses in Hartford, CT.

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Bail Bonds Hartford

Hartford, CT (sunset view) from our 3-D Bail Bonds office in Downtown Hartford

Could a Hartford Bail Bonds company find out bail bond amounts?

Yes. A Hartford bonding company is your best option. After you contact our Hartford office our local agent will call the police or courthouse and find out the bond amount, the conditions of release, and criminal charges so you can make decisions based on reliable information. In the meantime, our bondsman will be starting the paperwork at the police department so when you are done, the bond can be immediately posted. Here at 3-D Bail Bonds in Hartford, we’ll make sure your loved one gets released from any Hartford jail quickly.

Hartford Bail Bonds is always available 24/7 because an arrest is an emergency. Remember that your bondsman’s immediate response could make a huge difference after an arrest; especially for first-time offenders. Dealing with the Connecticut judicial branch and public defendants can be overwhelming so let the agents walk you through every step of the bail process and get out of jail now.

The right to post bail in Hartford is stipulated in the eighth amendment of the constitution of the United States; therefore, defendants have the right to post bail and attend court hearings dressed like tax-payers citizens instead of wearing prison uniforms. 

Our local and low-priced bail bond service is available in Asylum Hill, Barry Square, Behind the Rocks, Blue Hills, Clay Arsenal, Downtown Hartford, Frog Hollow, North East, North Meadows, Parkville, Sheldon Charter Oak, South End, South Green, South Meadows, South West, Upper Albany and West End. We love Hartford’s unique neighborhoods! Hartford Bail Bondsmen are proud to be part of the local Hartford community and they are here for you when you need them the most.

How can you post bail bonds in Hartford CT?

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Hartford Bail Bonds at Correctional Center – Meadows Jail

You can post the bond by using a nearby bail bonds service. A defendant who has been arrested by the Hartford Police can have the bond posted as soon as he or she is processed. Our local bail bondsman starts the process by filing paperwork at the police station or courthouse where the person is arrested. Then the arresting agency will run their standard processing to allow the bail bondsman to post the bail bond. It may only take 20 to 30 minutes to get someone out of the Hartford Police station. Learn more about how to post a bail bond in Hartford and more details on the steps of processing a bail bond using a bondsman in Connecticut.

What happens with the person arrested, if you cannot afford the bail bond at the Hartford police station?

If for some reason you cannot post the bond the day your loved one is arrested, he or she will be sent to the Hartford court or GA-14 for arraignment. Our bail bondsman can post all surety bail bonds at the Hartford courthouse during regular court hours. If you didn’t post bail in court, then your loved one will be sent to a Connecticut correctional center. Men arrested in Hartford usually end up at Hartford Correctional Center or “HCC” in the North Meadows, at 177 Weston St. Hartford, CT 06120. We have our main office located in Hartford, across the street from the Hartford Correctional. Women will be sent to the York Correctional Institution or “Niantic” at 201 West Main St. Niantic, CT 06357. 


The local Hartford Superior Court serves the towns of Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, Farmington, Hartford and West Hartford in Connecticut. This means that if your loved one was arrested in Avon, CT for example, he or she will most likely be arraigned at the Hartford courthouse.

Hartford Police Department
253 High St
Hartford CT, 06103

Connecticut State Police Troop H
100R Washington Street
Hartford, CT 06106

GA 14 in Hartford or Hartford Superior Court Judicial District)
101 Lafayette St
Hartford CT 06106

Hartford Community Court
80 Washington St
Hartford CT 06106

Hartford Correctional Center   – 2019 Visitors Schedule and Property Pick-up  –  Visitors Guide
177 Weston St
Hartford CT 06120
New Phone Number Updated in 2019

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Stay tuned with our local Hartford blog Finding a bail bonds company near you is easy. Just look up 3-D Bail Bonds on Google and you will find the closest bondsman in minutes. To bail someone out of Hartford, sometimes you don’t need to leave your house. We can process payments online, fill paperwork through fax or email, verify picture IDs and address remotely. Learn more about how you can bail someone out without leaving your home and just come to pick them up or send an Uber to your loved one so your workday doesn’t get interrupted.

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