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3-D Bail Bonds New London CT offers affordable and available bail bonds near you 24/7.

Our New London bail bonds team is serving the local community day and night. Find a bail bondsman fast and local in New London CT today. Since 1997, our licensed agents have been serving every New London jail, courthouse, and correctional prison in the area.

Post Bail at the Lowest Fees Possible With Experts in Bail Bonds With Payment Plans.

The most affordable bail bonds are here! Speak with experts in bail bonds with payment plans for almost 27 years now. We have bail bondsmen in New London, Waterford, Mystic, and all surrounding towns. 3-D Bail Bonds is a local 24-hour bail bond company with agents near police stations and courthouses 24/7/365.

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3-D Bail Bonds New London Team

3-D Bail Bonds New London CT

Fast Bail Bonds New London CT Open 24 Hours

3-D Bail Bonds New London offers fast bail bonds service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Licensed and experienced professional bondsmen know the ins and outs of each local Connecticut jail and bail processing. When in need of bail services, trust our bondsman’s knowledge. Contact the local 3-D Bail Bonds Agents at 860-772-2006. Our competitive service is only minutes away from the New London Police Department, the courthouse (GA-10), also referred to as the “Brown Court” at 112 Broad Street, and New London or Part A court also known as the “High or White Court” located at 70 Huntington Street. We have the quickest and most affordable bail bonds New London rates. Check one of our many reviews from our 100% satisfied customers after using our New London bail bond services. Instant Connecticut bail bonds are possible, call us.
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New London Superior Courthouse GA-10 (Brown Court on Broad Street)

Experienced and Reliable Bail Bondsmen in New London, CT

When in need of bail bonds in New London following an arrest, you can rely on our bail bondsmen for fast jail release. Most bail processing is fairly easy in Southeastern Connecticut. Usually, we can bail someone out in as fast as 25 minutes in New London, Waterford, Groton, and East Lyme. Occasionally, our licensed bail agent may need to wait for paperwork or any other formality required by the police department, which may make the process a little longer. With local bail agents available 24 hours every day, we guarantee jail release the same day.

3-D Bail Bonds’ experience in the New London CT area makes our bail bond service one of the best in the state. Our reliable and professional team is experienced, honest, friendly, and very respectful of your situation. We ensure a quick and confidential prison release service day or night, weekends and holidays. With overcrowded jails, you never know the type of cell mates your loved one may be exposed to while jailed. A fast bail bondsman can truly reduce the time your loved one spends in jail.

How to Post a Bail Bond in New London CT

To post bail in New London, first, you need to have information about the person locked up. The New London area bail bondsman will need the full name, date of birth, and at least an idea of where the arrest happened. This is the most important information to successfully get someone out of jail.

A diligent bail bonds agency would find as much information as possible prior to posting the bond. Information like outstanding warrants can cause delays during the bail process. 3-D bail Bonds New London is proactive and secures fast jail release as soon as possible.

Besides providing information to the bondsman, you will need to pay the fees, cosign on the bond, and pick up the defendant when released.

Once you agree to the terms of the bail bond which includes, bond amounts, payments, and responsibilities, and signed as a cosigner, the paperwork is submitted. Then the bail bond is posted, so the individual in jail is released. After the release, the defendant must appear at all court hearings. The bail company and cosigners on such bonds are liable until the case is finished or a verdict has been reached.  Learn more about bail bonds and how they work by visitting our frequently asked questions page.

Types of Bail Bonds Set by New London Police or New London Courthouse GA-10

Connecticut has implemented a few types of cash bail options for people accused of a crime. While not everyone arrested may end up in need of bail money, it’s critical to understand the difference between a cash bail option and a surety bond.

Cash Bail or Percentage Option Self-Pay

This cash bail option, also known as cash percentage payment to the police or jail allows family or friends of an arrested individual to pay their own bail money to the same arresting agency that arrested them. The State also makes cosigners sign the bond appearance form which makes the signer fully responsible to pay the bond amount in full if the defendant fails to appear in court. Contrary to surety bond, this option is very risky because families lack the ability to legally bring someone back to court. Families cannot arrest the defendant or force them to go to court.

Surety Bond with a Bail Bondsman

This is the typical bail bond you can buy with a licensed bail bondsman or bail bond company. A Surety bond acts as a form of insurance to the courts. By paying only a portion of the bond as the fee, the responsibility for the bond shifts to the agency. Unlike the State, CT Bail Agents offer payment plans for the fees and also accept a variety of payment types including credit cards and app payments.

The bail company has the legal power to arrest those who miss court protecting cosigners and holding defendants accountable. The whole purpose of surety bail is to ensure people accused of a crime appear in court.

Bondsmen in Connecticut have over 90% success rate in finding and returning fugitives to justice protecting all parties in the judicial process.

What People Say About our New London Bail Agents

Robyn O.
Robyn O.
Falyn C.
Falyn C.
3-D bail bonds is the best around. They were very professional and helpful.
Michael C.
Michael C.
Great guys, patient and explain everything. Trying to help someone in trouble but don’t understand the system? These guys are the best.
rob L.
rob L.
Amazing friendly staff that were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and very kind all the way through the process.
tammy L.
tammy L.
Very friendly fast response in our emotionally charged situation .thank you so much jhady and jordan !! You have really helped our family
Jenntilly Lace (.
Jenntilly Lace (.
Was my second time using them and it was even better than my last. Tom was was funny & polite while being professional. He even took the long drive from s.e. ct all the way to Danielson just to pick up my friend. Too bad he already was being transported back. He aces in my book! 3d bail bonds are always there for you and are willing to work with you on payments. Don't sleep on them!
Amanda A.
Amanda A.
Quick, pleasant service. Helpful with easy pay options. Answered after the first ring. Gave a really good rate for the bond.
marc M.
marc M.
I worked with Jordan and Stephanie on this process. Both we excellent to work with. Stephanie was very helpful in reminding me of the bi weekly payments and answering any questions I has.
Paul C.
Paul C.
Best company i have ever dealt with! Jordan was very professional and helpful!
Thank you E'llyah for your courtesy and professionalism, not only that, but for absolutely going above and beyond to help out.The best and hopefully, ONLY experience I'll have.If not, you will be the one I call.Thanks so so much again! 🙏🏻💯👌🏻
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Bail Bonds Financing Payment Plans

CT Bail Bonds Financing Available -
Payment Plans as low as $25 per week!

Why Choose 3-D Bail Bonds?

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Low-Cost New London Bail Bonds (Small or Large Bonds, We Can Help!)

Be aware that there is never a small bond for 3-D Bail Bonds New London. We post New London bail bonds at low-cost across Connecticut. 

State-set bail fees typically need a minimum down payment for payment plans. However, 3-D Bail Bonds provides affordable financing options, allowing you to post bail promptly and reunite with your loved one. Our personalized payment arrangements cater to your specific needs.

We hope bail services are not needed, but sometimes unavoidable circumstances create the need to contact a bail bonds company in Connecticut. Be confident 3-D Bail Bonds will assist you and your loved one during this difficult time. Every situation is handled with the utmost confidentiality, we take pride in our profession and will exceed your expectations, that’s our promise! 

We help finance the bail bond if your budget requires it. We offer the most flexible payment plans and cheapest weekly or monthly payment options while accepting various forms of payments like credit cards, checks, money orders, Apple Pay, PayPal, and now Google Pay with a digital wallet.

Call a local New London bondsman at 860-772-2006 or visit our closest location. We are a statewide bail bonds company that has several local bail agents in and near police departments, correctional centers, and detention centers.

New London Police Department

The Police station is located at 5 Governor Winthrop Blvd. New London CT 06320
Phone: 860-447-5269

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Find 3-D Bail Bonds New London Processing Bail at the New London Police Department 24/7.


GA-10 New London Superior Court

This local courthouse handles regular criminal and civil cases. All “Court Bail Bonds” are possible during the courthouse business hours. Our New London bondsman can attend arraignments and post bail immediately after the defendant sees the judge. This “brown courthouse” is located at 112 Broad St New London CT, their phone number is 860-443-8343. Get directions here

New London bail bonds court information
New London Superior Court


New London Judicial District

This Judicial District Court (NLJD) usually handles high-profile cases. It is located at 70 Huntington St in New London.

bail bonds new london courthouse
State of Connecticut Superior Court (New London JD)

When in need of a bail bondsman service, turn to team 3-D Bail Bonds New London for help and guidance. Stay tuned for our bail updates and more industry expertise on Google, Facebook, X, and our bail blog! We just joined the local community at Alignable and Yelp!

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