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3-D Bail Bonds New Haven CT offers the best bail service and experience plus the lowest prices and most affordable payment plans! Besides all that, our agents are available within minutes of your call. Our 24-hour service, 7-days a week is available for all. Our service is immediate so you can have your loved one released as fast as possible. 3-D Bail Bondsmen in New Haven are trained to guide customers through the bail process step by step making sure they understand the responsibilities that involve signing and posting bail in Connecticut.

Bail posting at the New Haven police station can take some time or not, however, this is an area where the jail can occasionally be very crowded. When looking to bond someone out, pay attention to the details about the process explained by the New Haven bail bondsman. If chosen right, your agent should be able to answer all your questions in detail.

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Often New Haven residents share that they didn’t know the extent of bails or what a New Haven bondsman was until one of their loved ones was arrested and needed to be bonded out. Sometimes finding the right bail bondsman in New Haven can be tough, they all have almost the same description. However, there are a few things you can try to get to know your bondsman and choose wisely.

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New Haven’s multicultural presence and hosting of numerous colleges and university such as Yale and Southern CT State University have shaped the city to be a destination for foodies and students from all over the world. Among restaurants, some consider Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria to be the world’s best. However, Sally’s Apizza has been a good competitor in New Haven’s Little Italy neighborhood for decades. About concerts and music venues, Toad’s place is a “must see” among the most exciting places to visit.

Bail Bondsmen near New Haven CT

Our bail bondsmen near New Haven CT are located strategically in towns nearby so they can be available immediately. They are licensed to post bail at all police departments, courthouses, and correctional centers throughout New Haven County and all of Connecticut. However, it is important to know that after someone is arrested and is being held at a police department and he or she was not able to post bail, they will be transported to the New Haven courthouse or GA-23 for arraignment. After that, they will be sent to the New Haven Correctional Center or “NHCC” also known as “Whalley Av Jail” if no bail was posted after the arraignment. 

3-D Bail Bonds near the New Haven Court or GA-23 has bail bondsmen in Bethany, Branford, East Haven, Guilford, Madison, New Haven, North Branford, and Woodbridge. Please contact us by dialing 203-562-6666, we are always open!

Important Information about New Haven CT Courts and Jails

New Haven Police – Court – New Haven Correctional Center  (Address and Phone Numbers)

New Haven Court – GA-23
Address: 121 Elm Street, New Haven 06510
Phone: 203-789-7461


New Haven Police Department
Address: 1 Union Ave, New Haven, CT 06519
Phone: 203-946-6316

New Haven Correctional Center
Address: 245 Whalley Ave, New Haven CT
Phone: 203-974-4111

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