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Located in Westport CT, our 3-D Bail Bonds service is the most affordable, local, and fast at all Westport jails. Meet our team of bondsmen and experts in CT bail bonds today. Find affordable bail bonds with us 24/7. We come highly recommended for being honest, on time, and transparent when doing business with you.

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Posting Bail in Westport, CT – Useful Information

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When calling the bail bonds agency, it’s helpful to have the name, date of birth, and jail where the person is incarcerated, so we can start the process immediately. The Westport bail bondsman’s phone number is 800-570-5544, contact our licensed professional today to find the best bail option for you. 

Posting bail with 3-D Bail Bonds is hassle-free 24 hours a day. Bail agents are located strategically in your area to secure the fastest service.


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Most affordable bail bonds in Westport! Lowest fees and payment plans are always available.

You choose how to pay for bail with us. Several forms of payments are accepted including credit cards, checks, money orders, and cash. We are here to get your loved one out right now. You can pay the fees in person at our 3-D Bail Bonds office or pay online on our website.

In Westport, you can find bail amounts by doing the following:

  1. You could call the Westport police station located at 50 Jesup Rd and inquire about the bond amount yourself. If the person is still arrested and booked, they should have the set bail amount information.
  2. The best way to find bail amounts at police stations is by using a local bail bonding agency. Here is why; a local bail bonds company like 3-D Bail Bonds Westport knows the ins and out of the bail processing in your community. These local Westport bondsmen can find bail amounts plus criminal charges, conditions of release, the next court date, the breakdown per bail, and most importantly they may be able to find more outstanding warrants if they exist.

Westport bail bonds can be processed by using a nearby bail bonding agency. A defendant who has been arrested by local Connecticut police can have the bond posted as soon as he or she is processed. Our local bail bondsman starts the process by filing paperwork at the police station or courthouse where the person is arrested.

Then the arresting agency will run their standard processing to allow the bail bondsman to post the bail bond. It may only take 20 to 30 minutes to get someone out of the police station. Learn more, in this link, about how to post a bail bond and the steps of processing bail using a bondsman in Connecticut.

Professional Westport jail bail bonds are possible 24/7.

What happens with the person arrested, if you cannot afford the bail bond at the Westport police department?

If for some reason you cannot afford the bail bond at the police station the day your loved one is arrested, he or she will be sent to the nearest courthouse for arraignment. In Westport, arrestees are usually brought to the Norwalk Superior Court, GA-20. Our bondsman can post bonds at the local court during regular court hours. If you couldn’t post the bail in court, then your loved one will be sent to a Connecticut correctional center. Men arrested in Westport, CT, held on bond, typically end up at the Bridgeport Correctional Center or “BCC” on North Avenue, Bridgeport. Women will be sent to the York Correctional Institution or “Niantic prison”.

Westport Police Department
50 Jesup Rd.
Westport, CT 06880
See website

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Connecticut State Police Troop G

This state police facility allows for bail bonds 24 hours a day. The Connecticut State Police Troop G is located in Bridgeport at 149 Prospect Street. The state police barracks phone number is 800-575-6330.

GA 20 or Norwalk Superior Court (Judicial District)

The Norwalk Superior Court is located at 17 Belden Avenue, Norwalk 06850. The superior court’s phone number is 203-849-3580.

Norwalk Criminal Superior Court serves the towns of New Canaan, Norwalk, Weston, Westport and Wilton in Connecticut. If a loved one was arrested in Westport or New Canaan, CT, for example, he or she will most likely be arraigned at this Courthouse. Juveniles arrested in the Westport area would attend the Juvenile Courthouse in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Correctional Center   – 2022 Visitors Schedule and Property Pick-up  –  Visitors Guide

The Bridgeport Correctional center is located at 1106 North Avenue. The prison’s phone number is 203-579-6131

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Consider our team of bail agents with your bail bond needs today. Navigating the criminal system, when in need of bail, can be challenging. Find a friendly hand to help and guide step by step with the most compassionate service. Our licensed and professional agents come highly recommended for their expertise, compassion, and respect. Here at 3-D Bail Bonds Westport, CT, we’ll make sure your loved one gets released from any local jail or prison quickly.

3-D Bail Bonds is a 24-hour service because an arrest is an emergency. Remember that your bondsman’s immediate response could make a big difference following an arrest; especially for first-time offenders.

The right to post bail in Connecticut is stipulated in the eighth amendment of the constitution of the United States; therefore, defendants have the right to post bail and attend court hearings dressed like taxpayers citizens instead of wearing prison uniforms.

Our local and low-priced bail bonds service is available in Westport neighborhoods including Coleytown, Compo Beach, Compo South Greens Farms, Hunt Club/Long Lots, In Town, Old Hill, Red Coat, Saugatuck, Saugatuck Shore. We also offer bail bonds in Norwalk, Weston, Bridgeport, Stamford, Greenwich, and every city in between.

Bail bonds Westport are possible 24/7. Here is a review from one of many happy local clients, or visit our testimonials to see why our 3-D Bail Bonds service is highly recommended.

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