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When you need bail bonds services in New Britain, 3-D Bail Bonds offers bail options at the lowest cost possible. Your needs are our top priority. Our New Britain Bail Bonds office is located at 15 Arch St. New Britain, near the police department on Chestnut Street offering the quickest service 24/7. 

Local bail bondsmen near the New Britain Police Department are available 24 hours a day. Serving all nearby police stations, jails, and courthouses, we are the fastest way out of jail 24/7.  For local bail bond services you can trust, contact us now. Truly bilingual bail agents are near you. Never wait around for a bail bonds service, call 3-D Bail Bonds for instant service.

“We continue to serve the New Britain community 24 hours a day during Covid-19 and throughout the year. Learn more about the newest online bail process we implemented to protect customers and agents when processing your bail bond today.”

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A Local Bail Bondsman Is Always Only a Few Minutes Walk From the Police Station!

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3-D Bail Bonds New Britain office located at 15 Arch St. offers local affordable bail bondsmen service 24 hours a day.

3-D Bail Bonds in New Britain offers professional and local bondsmen services in the New Britain area. We work very hard to make sure your needs are fulfilled not just with great customer service but also with fast and reliable service. Our bondsmen are highly trained to handle stressful situations while providing all the help possible during your time of need.

A local bail bondsman is available 24/7/365. New Britain Bail Bonds Agents are always near you ready to help day or night. Our 3-D Bail Agents are well-respected and recognized for their knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Get to know our staff. Learn more about our local New Britain Bail Bonds services here.

Our bilingual (English/Spanish) team of bail agents is highly trained to answer all bail questions and keep customers informed every step of the way during the bail process. As professionals in our industry, we call the police departments and courthouses to verify the information given, so we can assure the accuracy of bond amounts, and fees to offer realistic and cheapest payment plans.

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New Britain Bondsman, Drew is near you!

Meet Bondsman Drew

Our New Britain Bondsman near you is located only a few minutes walk from the New Britain Police Department. Find the closest bail agents near you at 3-D Bail Bonds. Agents Monica and Drew are always available to answer any questions you may have while working on the most affordable bail financing options for you. Stop by our office and meet them today.

When in a hurry, it may be difficult to choose the right bondsman, here are a few tips to choose an agent or a New Britain bondsman during this difficult time.

By posting someone’s bail, we allow the person arrested to be free while attending their trial. At the same time, we ensure the defendant’s appearance in court by providing them with free court date reminders, newsletters, and personalized follow-up during their court proceedings.

The Best Payment Plans Statewide With No Interest Are Here!

To help our clients during this difficult time, 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain created the most affordable financing solutions, so simply call 860-229-2525 and get your loved one out of jail today. The team at 3-D Bail Bonds works hard to be affordable to any individual budget. Choose one of our New Britain CT bail bondsmen today, just call!

How to Post Bail Bonds at the New Britain Police Department

The bail bond process can be confusing for many reasons. Check out these steps about how you can post bail bonds at the New Britain Police Department.

Know Where to Go to Post Bail

First, you need to know where to go. The New Britain Police Department is located at 10 Chestnut Street. Park across the street in a visitor’s spot and go inside the jail. Pick up the lobby phone and ask if your loved one is there. Then ask if there is a bail bond and how much it is.

You Need a Local Bondsman

After you learned bail information, most likely you will need a local bondsman. You can call a New Britain bondsman at 860-229-2525 or visit them diagonally across the street at 15 Arch Street.

The Bondsmen at 3-D Bail Bonds will explain more of the bail bond process in detail.

You Need 3 Things to Bail Someone Out of Jail

To bail someone out of the New Britain jail you need the bail fee, a form of identification, and will need to sign responsibility for the person you are bailing out. By becoming a cosigner, you are sharing the responsibility with the New Britain bail bonds company to secure that the defendant comes back to court each and every time.

Once the bail is paid and the paperwork has been completed, the defendant is released from jail with their next court date.

What Happens to Arrested People if They Don’t Post Bail

New Britain Police and nearby areas usually allow people to pay bond as soon as they are booked. The police can hold the defendant without bond when this person is considered a threat to the community. The law requires defendants to be arraigned at the local courthouse and in front of a judge within 24 hours of their arrest if they don’t post bond. If the arrest falls on a Friday, they will be arraigned the next business day.

The New Britain courthouse GA15 serves the police departments in the following towns of Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Plymouth, Rocky Hill, Southington and Wethersfield.

After the arraignment at the courthouse, families could post the bond at the courthouse. The Court transports defendants together to prisons statewide, so posting bail at a courthouse needs to be done quickly. We strongly recommend clients speak with the local bail bondsman ahead of time so the agent can be present during the arraignment.

Those who do not post bond will be sent to the Hartford County prison (Hartford Correctional Center in the North Meadows) until their next court date. In some cases, the next court date may not happen for another 4 to 6 weeks.

To process “new commit inmates” at the Hartford Correctional Center, they must be physically there. New commits at the Hartford jail are usually able to process bonds after 7 p.m.

Arresting Facilities in the New Britain Area

New Britain Police Department

bail bonds new britain ct police department 10 chestnut street
The New Britain Police Department is located at 10 Chestnut Street.

New Britain Superior Court GA15

bondsman Superior Courthouse GA15 New Britain CT
The New Britain Superior Courthouse is located at 20 Franklin Square.

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