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Contact us by phone, text or email right now! Our CT bail bonds service is available 24 hours, seven days, and 365. 3-D Bail Bonds makes bail bonds affordable for all. Contact us if you are in need of bail bonds in any Connecticut city, call toll-free at (800) 570-5544. We accept Collect Calls” from all local Connecticut prisons.

When incarcerated, inmates and individuals held on bond may not be able to call everyone in their families for help, so they can contact bail bond agencies for help. We offer free bail calls to families when inmates require it. Our 24-hour bail bonds service is available throughout Connecticut.

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Serving Connecticut residents for over 26 years, 3-D Bail Bonds’ services can guarantee quick jail release at any jail in the Constitution State. See below the most common jail and prison locations where a loved one could be sent after an arrest. 

Bail Bonds Police Department 24/7

Bail Bonds Correctional Centers 24/7

Bail Bonds CT Superior Courthouse

Bail Bonds CT State Police 24/7

Connecticut Prison Free Bail Calls

Whether someone has been arrested by local police or while in the courthouse, defendants have the right to make a phone call to let their family know they have been arrested.

Inmates at correctional centers have the right to make a phone call. Some could use a Securus system in which all bail calls are free. This service is free. Ask for your free bail call and contact us, we can get you out immediately.

Our bail bondsmen and bail staff are located strategically throughout the state of Connecticut, so we can be available within minutes of your call. With our quick bail process, affordability, and localized bail agents, our service is the best option to post bail. 

When you cannot contact us through a phone call you can reach out through email or text messages. We receive messages through Facebook and Google Maps. Check us out here.

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“Local CT Bail Bonds Services Open 24 Hours”

Contact the nearest Connecticut location listed:

Avon Bail Bonds Serves Farmington and Avon Police. Call 860-722-9955

Bloomfield Bail Bonds Serves Bloomfield Police and Hartford Correctional. Call 860-247-2245

Bridgeport Bail Bonds Serves Congress Ave, Bridgeport Police, Troop G State Police, and Bridgeport Correctional. Call 203-838-4920

Danielson Bail Bonds Serves Danielson Court (GA11), Putnam Police, and Troop D State Police in Danielson. Call 860-456-3335

Hartford Bail Bonds Serves all jails and prisons in Hartford, CT including Superior Court GA14 and Family Court. Call 860-247-2245

East Hartford Bail Bondsman Serves East Hartford Police, Glastonbury Police, and Wethersfield Police. Call 860-247-2245

Manchester Bail Bonds Serves Manchester Superior Court, Rockville Court, Manchester Police, and Vernon Police. Call 800-570-5544

Meriden Bail Bonds Serves Meriden Superior Court, Meriden Police, and Wallingford Police. Call 203-235-7711

New Britain Bail Bonds Serves New Britain Police and Superior Court, Plainville Police, and Newington Police. Call 860-229-2525

New Haven Bail Bonds Serves Hamden Police, New Haven Police and Superior Court, and New Haven Correctional. Call 203-562-6666

New London 860-447-BAIL (2245)

Norwich Bail Bondsman 860-701-1556

Windsor Bail Bonds 860-722-9953

South Windsor Bail Bonds 860-722-9953

Waterbury 203-235-7711

Willimantic 860-456-3335 or visit our local Willimantic bail bond services here.

Contact us for bail bonds at anytime, day or night. A live agent will answer the phone. We do not use answering services.

When you are in need of local bail bonds, we can help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 3-D Bail Bonds for immediate service. When time is of the essence, contact a local professional that wants nothing more than to be there for you when you need bail.

We understand that when your loved one is in jail, you require a bondsman now, not tomorrow or later; you need bail bond services right now. 3-D Bail Agents are located strategically in your area and near police departments so we can serve you as fast as possible.

Transparent bail bond services are essential during this difficult time, our professional team of experts can offer honest guidance and search the system for you at no cost. Free bail bond consultations are provided by legal experts in Connecticut bail bonds 24/7. Contact us statewide at 800-570-5544 or call local at 860-247-2245.