“We appreciate your bail bond testimonials and feedback when using our local bail services, please stay in touch and review our services.”

CT Bail Bondsmen – See Bail Bond Reviews

“Thank you for using our CT Bail Bonds services today. We’re glad to have been there for you. Please let us know how we did.”

Testimonials and recommendations provided by customers are the most important tools of information the public can read and trust because it comes from people who have been in the same situation you could be in, right now. To help future clients, please review your Connecticut Bail Bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds after using our local services, by using this review link.

testimonials 5-star bail bonds service

“A bail bond testimonial offers an idea about the type of service and the professionalism you will receive when choosing 3-D Bail Bonds for your needs.”

2024 Bail Bond Testimonials


2 hours ago

Super easy jason was my agent he was able to email the 2nd cosigner without having to have him come to the police station and all the paperwork was as simple as signing the dotted lines. Very informal and our accutal bondsman jordan made 2 …More

Response from the owner an hour ago

Hi Richard,
We appreciate you taking the time to recommend our services with 5-stars today. Our bail bondsmen Jason and Jordan are quite experienced in bail which often makes the whole process very easy. Thank you again!


6 days ago

Amazing staff and fast process. Highly recommend!!!

Response from the owner6 days ago

Hi Courtney,
Thank you for recommending our services with 5 stars today. Your feedback is important to us. Thank you!


a week ago

Response from the owner a week ago

Thank you for rating our services with 5-stars today. We appreciate it.


a week ago

You did a wonderful job in helping us get Jim a great experience in getting Jim a great bail bondsman experience

response from the owner a week ago

Your 5-star review made our Sunday at the Hartford office! We appreciate you. Thank you.


a week ago

Called to help an old friend and Jason was great. Being in California I thought it might be impossible but everything went really well. Thanks 3-D Bail Bonds!

2023 Bail Bond Testimonials

2022 Bail Bond Testimonials

Raymond. Rated 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain with 5 stars!

“Today I was in a very serious predicament where I could not afford to make a full payment on my bond for something I had no control over as a part of the Torrington Superior Court, States Attorneys Office, and the Judge being very prejudice about my nationality and my disability as a result of a failure to appear due to the death of a family member who was very close to me!!!

The court had issued me a rearrest warrant and 3-D Bail Bonds went above and beyond the highest they could go and gave me the peace of mind of being able to make payments on my bond as what they say you’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and that applies for everybody no matter the circumstance but I am very thankful for my experience with 3-D Bail Bonds and Jordan who came to my assistance they all worked as a team and went above and beyond I couldn’t have been any more blessed to have their help. 

so I was able to get bonded out to return to my duties at my job and take care of my loved ones. I highly recommend 3-D Bail Bonds for all your Bail Bonds services needs and tell them that I sent you! The best of the best right here in the state of Connecticut!

Thank you guys for your help!! I wish Google would let me do a 100-star review because I am highly satisfied with my service so I recommend the highest Google will give me as five-star rating! Go see them for all your bail bond needs!!!”

Nat G. Rated 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain with 5 stars!

(Translated by Google) They know how to get the job done! (Original) saben como hacer el trabajo !

Shanay Rated 3-D Bail Bonds in Bloomfield with 5 stars!

They were very professional, genuine, understanding and accommodating. They listened and assisted me in everyway possible. If I ever find myself in need they will be the first people I call. I will recommend them to everyone. You will not regret it.

Steven. Rated 3-D Bail Bonds New London with 5 stars!

You will never find more caring and dedicated family than these people. They r the only ones to use and trust.

Jay. 5-star review in Hartford

Great service answered all my questions and was worry free by the end I will highly recommend.

Neila. 5-star testimonial in Hartford, 6/15/2022

Best bail bonds service! E-Liya, Jason and Tawn treat you with professionalism and respect. E-Liya is definitely an asset to the company – very courteous and compassionate. You won’t regret calling 3-D Bail Bonds.

Javon. 5-star testimonial in New London, 6/5/2022

Liyah is a good bondsman she works good and she is very professional recommend her to anyone who needs good efficiency with there work and needs

Kelby. 5-star testimonial in Hartford, 4/15/2022

Great bunch of people, if you’re in a bad way these people will help you bounce back in ANY way possible

Michelle. 5-star testimonial in New Britain, 4/5/2022

“Tommy went over and beyond to help me get my twin brother bonded out at Harford corrections. Hartford corrections gave us some issues about bonding my brother out but Tommy didn’t accept that and took things to the next step for us.

He had a lawyer call Harford Corrections on my brother’s behalf to get him bonded out. He was successful and we got my brother out that same day which they were saying earlier it wasn’t going to happen until the next morning.

My brother and I, can’t thank Tommy enough and I highly recommend 3D Bonds for anybody looking to bond a loved one out. They are efficient, pleasant to be around and they get the job done.”

Josh B. 5-star testimonial in New London, 3/5/2022

Liyah was great. Very helpful and caring.

3-D Bail Bonds is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our team of bail agents is ready to help. Call us for bail bond services you can trust.

2021 Bail Bond Testimonials

Miguel V.C.5-star review in Hartford, 2 months ago

Besides all the good qualities shown above (pity I cannot click on all four of them) I’d add also “compassionate”. They will bend over backward to help you with your problem, doing what they don’t HAVE to do, but they’ll do it if that helps your case. I definitely recommend their bond office to get you out of a jam in any circumstance. The hope is that you never need their services, but if you do, they’re the place to go.

Allison F.5-star review in New Britain, 2 months ago

I can speak highly of these guys! I called so many bondsmen and not a soul was willing to help until I called them and they moved mountains to get my boyfriend out. I will recommend them over and over again!! They truly are great people!

Armend I. – 5-star review in Westbrook, 2 months ago

3-D Bail Bonds is the best. They are fast, friendly, and I will definitely refer them to all my friends and family.

Jeff B. – 5-star review in New London, 3 months ago

Company’s been around a long time. These guys know what they’re doing and will get the job done for you and your family. Experience counts in this industry.

Valerie S. – 5-star review in Hartford, 5 months ago

I called them and they were quick to help me and were reasonable. I wasn’t able to pay the full amount of the 10% but majority of it. They were willing to accept my payment and agreed to a payment plan (weekly, biweekly, or monthly). THEY WORK WITH YOU!! They also accept CashApp as a form of payment and that helped out a lot. Really appreciate 3D and definitely recommend.

Dawn C. – 5-star review in Manchester, 5 months ago

They are an excellent company. They were quick, professional, and all-around outgoing. I would recommend them to everyone.

John C. – 5-star review in Manchester, 6 months ago

I would HIGHLY recommend 3-D for many reasons. Fast bail bonds service took some of the stress away. Dan, my bondsman, was on time and very experienced. This is a very professional and well-run business. Thank you!

Carmen J. CR. – 5-star review in Hartford, 9 months ago

I needed a bail service on Christmas day and this company came to help us. We used this service at the Hartford Police Department. Thank God we found Agent Drew. They deserve 10 stars!! Their service is the best in the state.

Shanay S. – 5-star review in New Haven, 9 months ago

Way too early in the morning they came through for my family. We’ve never been in a position to need a bondsman before but today was our day. They were so helpful and professional. I could cry just thinking about how easy they made everything for us. It was like they knew us. I am so appreciative that they answered and without judgment came to our rescue and were so willing to do what it took to help us! Thank you so much I am truly grateful.

Mango T. – 5-star review in New London, 9 months ago

Had trouble finding the facility and the bondsman helped me get there. Very fast, responsive, and efficient. Helped with payment plan during this pandemic.

James W. – 5-star review in Bridgeport, 9 months ago

I had a bondsman named Jordan who went above and beyond to help me from the start and continued to do so after my release. He kept me up to date with changing court appearances during the pandemic and was an overall professional.

This is the only bail bonds service I will be using in the future and I recommend them to anyone who’s going thru legal issues.

Felicia B.5-star review in Willimantic, 9 months ago

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service that my husband and I received. Quick, professional, informative. Dan made an uneasy situation less stressful and walked us through the process with ease. For anyone in need of their service I highly recommend them.

Ross B.5-star review in Willimantic, 9 months ago

Can’t say enough how great this experience was. It can be a bit intimidating when facing the possibility of losing your freedom. Dan and Patrick were both very helpful and knowledgeable.

Dan walked me through the entire process of turning myself in and then bonding me out on the spot. Treated my wife and me with respect and that meant a lot. Thank you guys so much, my family and I appreciate you very much.

Andrew G. – 5-star review in New London, 10 months ago

I had a great experience with them. I had to call early morning on a holiday and got immediate help. Very professional and helpful. The person I needed to help was out of jail within 2 hours. Very quick. Thank you.

Rob B. – 5-star review in New Britain, 10 months ago

Extremely polite and reliable service provided. Very professional environment and business conducted in a timely fashion. Would certainly use again if needed.

Robert A. – 5-star review in Bridgeport, 10 months ago

They answered the phone every time I called. They made sure to walk me through everything and made sure I knew how to fill out the forms correctly and they were on top of getting everything done in a timely fashion. Dedicated to helping you through everything and getting your loved one bailed out.

Laryssa R. – 5-star review in Norwich, 10 months ago

If I could give this company 100 stars I would!! Jason was so helpful through everything, not only did he talk me through all the steps that we would need to take to have this problem resolved, but he kept me updated throughout the whole time about the possibilities and most importantly the facts. Thank you so much Jason!!

Terrence M.5-star review in Southington/Bristol, 11 months ago

God forbid if I have legal problems. Was arrested and somewhat needed a bondsman service. Hands-down call 3-D Bail Bonds Inc. These people are fast, professional, affordable, and dependable.

Benji K. – 5-star review in Norwich, 11 months ago

Jordan was great. He got to the police station at the time we agreed on, was informative, and quickly worked out the payment with me which was affordable. This is my 4th time going through 3D Bail Bonds and I will definitely be going through them again shall another situation come up (but let’s pray that one doesn’t!).

Russell C.5-star review in New Haven, 11 months ago

A kind courteous staff with a genuine desire to help. Hope I never need to use them again, but if I do they will be my go-to. Great bunch of guys! Thank you! Also conveniently located right across the street from Hartford Correctional. A+!

Zoe S.5-star review in New Haven, 1 year ago

Jordan is the best in New Haven! I was running late and he was able to process the bail at the correctional fast so I could still get it done tonight. I’m thankful to have found a service that truly cares about its customers.

Everyone at 3-D was great. They answered my questions and helped me right away. This company is fast for bail bonds in this area. Call Jordan, he is the best at 3-D Bail Bonds.

David J.5-star review in New Haven, 1 year ago

Excellent service! I called in the middle of the night from Philadelphia to make arrangements to get my son released from the NH Jail ASAP due to covid. The transaction was done electronically. My son was bailed out the following night!! Spoke with Jason & Jordan. Jordan showed undying patience as he waited outside the jail for several hours during the release processing.

All things considered, searching for detainers, charges accrued in 2 states, & typical jail red tape, the entire ordeal went smooth & uneventful.

I was super impressed, in fact, quite moved by 3-D’s level of compassion, professionalism, & proficiency. My gut feeling is the entire bail bond profession would be far more advanced if it were saturated with the textbook, detail-oriented mindset of the likes of 3-D.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping our family & all that you do.

2020 Bail Bond Testimonials

Christopher B. – 5-star review in Groton, Dec 4, 2020

They are excellent people to work with when you are in trouble and good price as well. When you talk nice to them they will be nice to you, it is all about respect believe when I say it.

Paige B. – 5-star review in Norwich, Sep 2, 2020

You guys are very professional and responsive. You answered all my questions and went above and beyond to help me and I really appreciate it, thank you so much.

Roger A. – 5-star review in New Britain, Aug 28, 2020

These folks are lifesavers, pure and simple! They were helpful throughout the whole process – knowledgeable and very focused. They helped my good friend navigate through a very disturbing situation. If you need support, I don’t think you will regret contacting this bail bond firm!

Linda Lee Wise5-star review in New London, Aug 25, 2020

This is the first time ever using their service and they are absolutely phenomenal. From beginning to end the process was extremely fast and zero BS (especially for those who have family members who may have gotten into a pinch).

Jason and Ruben were amazing, easy to work with, professional, courteous, and just very kind human beings. They actually ‘care’ about their customers and to me, that speaks in volumes……As to their service in general?? Untouchable. Be honest, don’t play games, communicate from the get-go, and do what you say you’re going to do. They will go beyond. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Karen D. – 5-star review in New Britain, Aug 21, 2020

Available 24/7, very helpful, and went beyond what was needed even after paying bail to help.

Sunshineee B. – 5-star review in Bridgeport, Aug 7, 2020

My very first time using a bail bondsman so I was very nervous and had many questions that probably didn’t make sense. I called a few places and 3D Bails Bonds definitely was the best choice I could make. He was very calm with me, answered all of my calls, and talked me through the process all the way through to the end and checked in on me after the fact.

I would recommend to anyone. If I could give more than five stars I truly would!

Derek R. – 5-star review in Bridgeport, Jul 22, 2020

I contacted Jason at 3D the night I was arrested. He was very responsive and talked me through the process during a very stressful time. He sent one of his team members there immediately and bailed me out. If you ever need to be bailed out or need to bail out a friend or family member, look no further than 3D Bail Bonds!!

Domi T. – 5-star review in Hartford, Jul 17, 2020

I had the pleasure to work with this Hartford bail bonds agency yesterday. I met Dan and Drew at their office in Hartford. From the moment I stepped in, they welcomed my questions and concerns answering them clearly.

The experience of dealing with the police and arrests affected my entire family. This company showed us compassion, honesty, and most importantly, respect for our personal situation. We had a great experience here. Thank you Dan and Drew and everyone at your office.

2019 Bail Bond Testimonials

Tony L. – Testimonial in Spanish about fiadores en New Britain CT.

“Esta compañía me ayudó anoche a hacer una fianza en la estación de policía de New Britain. Todos los fiadores y fijadores te atienden con mucha cortesía y a bajo costo. Recomiendo los servicios de 3-D Bails Bonds por la atencion rápida y buen servicio. Estar en necesidad de hacer fianza es muy difícil y la señorita Mónica fue de mucha ayuda.

(Translated by Google) This company helped me last night to make a bond at the New Britain police station. All guarantors and fixers serve you very courteously and at a low cost. I recommend the services of 3-D Bails Bonds for quick attention and good service. Being in need of bail is very difficult and Miss Monica was very helpful.”
Brandon F.


Hartford CT service.

“Great service!! Helped my family with a payment plan. they saved my holidays!!!”

Chris H.5-star review in Willimantic CT.

12/ 13/2019.

“Very professional in every way for someone that was unfamiliar with how this process works. Helped me every step of the way. For this to happen around the holidays was tough, but they made it as bearable as possible. Offered a payment plan that fit my needs. Thank you 3-D Bail Bonds!”

Diane C.


“We had one tough weekend after a family friend was arrested in Waterford. My husband and i had never dealt with the police so we really didn’t know what to do. A lawyer friend recommended the agents at 3-D Bails Bonds.

Since the first interaction with this company we felt that they cared about our situation. For us it wasn’t even about whether this company was the cheaper one which it was but it was more about being treated fairly and being helped at 4:30 in the morning. the bondsman in Waterford was fast, compassionate and experienced.

Everything was done in a timely manner. Receipts and copies of the transactions were received. Very professional and organized people. Thank you to Jordan and Peter. I recommend your services.”

Edward M.


“Thank you TJ for helping us in Manchester CT.”

Tom Lee. – Reviewed our Troop K State Police bail bond services.


 “Thank you 3D bail bonds your service in Colchester was quick and affordable. The agents were courteous, knowledgeable and very respectful at all times. My situation was a hectic one, they were professional through this whole arrest ordeal. Thank you to Tawn, Monica and Patrick. we hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving you helped mine for sure.”

Jeff S.5-star review for Hamden/New Haven bail bonds services.

11/ 15/2019.

“I needed a bail bondsman in west haven for my friend last night. I was desperate to get her out she needed to be at work early this morning.

3D Bail came out for me at 3 in the morning. I didn’t have the full fee for the bail but they have financing. Jordan offered me weekly payments which i was able to commit to. Jordan was kind and very supportive during this hectic incident. I used this company in West Haven and only took them 15 minutes to meet up with me. They are fast and work with your needs.”

Michael B.


“The Norwich bail bonds agent was VERY helpful for someone that didn’t know much about bail bonds before! Having fast local payment plans was a life-saver! Can’t thank you enough!”

FJReide. – 5-star review in New Britain CT


“I needed a bondsman in Plainfield and these agents were right there. Thank you. You saved me a lot of time. Since my first interaction with this bail company, I felt respected and understood at all times. Agents Peter and Drew were nice and flexible with the payment plans. Very good service by professionals here.

They do court date reminders for Danielson court so ask about this when you used them.”



“Best Hartford bail bonds service ever!!! this company is located in Hartford right across the Hartford jail, you call or go to their office and speak to the bondsman there. Drew and Dan and Clara were so helpful today.

This is a real bail bond company unlike others i found. There are people inside this office and they are across the street from the jail. thank you 3d bailbonds thank you all.” Rated as best bail bonds see review.

Jess S. – Hartford bondsman Drew earned a five-star review


“I needed to turn myself into probation in Hartford. 3D Bail Bonds helped me and my family all the way. They were the most helpful, kind and honest bondsmen I’ve ever deal with. Thank you for everything you did for me today. From calling the probation officer and finding my bail, and bailing me out in immediately. This company goes out for you day and night and truly care about their customers. Thank you to the entire staff and bondsman Drew.”

Omar H.


“The staff is amazing and the atmosphere is very uplifting. I like how they treat individuals with respect, they are very professional, and organized as well. I would recommend 3-D Bail Bonds before any other bonds man company in Hartford, CT for a great quick service.”

See Omar’s 5-star review.

Denece H. – A five-star review in Old Saybrook CT.


“Very responsive. Great service”.  See full review.

Chad M. A special thanks to Hartford bail agents at 3-D Bail Bonds.


“A big thanks to 3D Bail Bonds and Jason Fink for coming out promptly on a Sunday night and getting me out of the corrupt Ledyard Police station. Jason was very professional and had me free within an hour of calling. I highly recommend these guys, they are the real deal.”

See Chad’s testimonial.

Jenna A.


“We used 3-D bail bonds when a family member got in a little trouble. They were very fast and helpful when it came to this hard time and Made us feel at ease. Thank you New London bail service.”

Read more.

Nicole P.5-star review in New London


“Thanks to 3-D Bail Bonds my family got the help we needed fast. I highly recommended them. Very nice people. Thank you for helping us we really appreciate it.”

Brooke H. wrote Tawn the bondsman a five-star review at 3-D Bail Bonds Bristol

“Thank you Tawn!! Fast service. Highly recommended!! Thank you!” See her review.

Charles W. reviewed our Groton Bail Bonds services

(Translated by Google) Fast and very economical service at the Groton Town police station. Thanks to the guarantor Luis who helped us as if we were family. 3-D Bail Bonds makes things easy for you. Thank you (Original) Servicio rápido y muy ecónomico en la estacion de policia de Groton Town. Gracias al fiador Luis que nos ayudo como si fueramos familia. 3-D Bail Bonds te hace las cosas faciles. gracias.

Tosh Bean five star rating

“Amazing service by the bondsman in Southington” see review.

G. Lamirand reviewed our Norwich bail bonds service

Very professional and courteous. See review.

Chelsea S. rated us with a five-star review at 3-D Bail Bonds Manchester 5/3/2019

“Luis was a wonderful sweet man I called him frantic and crying! But he calmed me down and got my husband ou1/25/2019 t of quickly and safely. I’m so thankful and will always use him from now on! Thank you Luis 🙂 – Chelsea” see her five-star review.

Denise M. reviewed our Hartford bondsman service

“Excellent service!!! Office is very professional And pleasant to speak with. They are understanding & willing to work with you. Highly recommend!!!” Read her review.

Suzette S. reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford service

“3-D Bail Bonds staff were courteous, and they work very quickly. The gentleman that showed up was very personable. Unfortunately, I had to have this experience but I am 100% satisfied with 3-D Bail Bonds. Thanks for your help.” See her five-star review.

Josh rated Hartford bail bonds services with a five-star review.
“3-D Bail Bonds was the first (and hopefully the last) bond service I have used. I dealt directly with Ruben and Jordan. Beyond professional and accommodating. They made an uncomfortable situation as smooth as possible. Highly recommend their services.” See his review.

Ruben Cruz provided 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain with a five-star review

“Monica she is amazing one of the best and sweetest bail bonds ladys in New Britain ct. She really makes my day.”

Jason Gonzales reviewed our New Britain bail bonds office

“Definitely recommend anyone coming to 3D Staff friendly, They are efficient, reliable and are in tune with your case on a personal level which makes you comfortable and at ease knowing you’re in great hands. Just pay your bond and make your court dates because if not you’ll be saying they are the bad guys when you’re the one failing to show up. If u show up they will show out! Great crew 110%”. See his five-star review

Donna P. reviewed our Manchester bail bonds services

“I have worked with 3-D in other regions before and my recent experience was as consistently excellent as always and I recommend them highly. They are prompt, responsive, professional, discrete and do a great job.” See review

Omar Honore reviewed our Hartford bail bonds service.
“The staff is amazing and the atmosphere is very uplifting. I like how they treat individuals with respect, they are very professional, and organized as well. I would recommend 3-D Bail Bonds before any other bonds man company in Hartford, CT for a great quick service.” See review

W. Jack reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in Hartford.
“Use them they are the best in Hartford”.

Chaz Tate reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in New Haven

July 2019
“I would love too thank the entire 3-D Bail bonds organization on my behalf this company is by far the best out their they helped me so much.” See his review.

John smith – reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Waterbury


“Excellent and prompt services!!! Very professional staff!!! Definitely recommend them!!!”

Margoliz V. – Reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford.


I just want to say thank you to Luis… he never failed me every time I needed him he would always be there within the hour… Best customer service…

Derek B. – reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in New Haven

“3-D Bail Bonds is top notch. Extremely professional and easy to work with. Jason is a good as they come, he is on point and class personified. There is nobody else you should use.”

Rodney T. – reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

“The agency was both professional and courteous, i live out of state and my brother was arrested i called and was quickly explained the process. The bondsman, Jason, took my information and within minutes called me back with what i needed we did the paperwork and he told me to head to Connecticut to pick my brother up.

I left and after a 3 hour drive i met my brother as he was walking out of the jail. It was an unbelievably easy experience during a scary and painful time. Thank you 3D.”

A. Fazzolari – reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Haven CT

I work hand on hand with Jason all the way from New Jersey great guy will go out of his way to help if u need help in. Connecticut Jason is the man to see.

M. Gameworks New Haven Bail Bonds service

“I am reviewing 3-D Bail Bonds. I highly recommend them for their level of professionalism in regards to their clients’ personal matters. The care and outstanding service make you feel at ease and their knowledge base is like nothing I have ever encountered. Jason Fink is pleasant and extremely knowledgeable, taking time to make sure the process was understood.

I can tell the 20 years he told me he was in the business were solid ones. He made me feel at ease. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a bail bondsman. He earned my 5-star rating on his own! I hope I won’t need a bail bondsman again, but if I do I will feel confident calling them!”

Beyond Xellence – New Haven Bail Bondsmen
“Despite my disappointment in needed services I was thoroughly impressed with the speedy service and welcoming attitude of Jason Fink and 3-D Bail Bonds. I used the services of them a few times and it was always good business, no complaint, I definitely recommend 3-D Bail Bonds to those in need.”

Holly D. New London Bail Bondsman and Staff
“3 D bonds was EXTREMELY amazing. Dan was so kind and helpful. He kept in constant communication with me through out the whole process. I had called a few other bondsman in the New London area who claim to care about people in need of their services but once they heard that this person’s bail was very low they would hurry me off the phone with empty promises of calling me back and helping us. What a joke. They NEVER called back and would not answer any of my phone calls. I waited for over a hour for a response from the initial phone call.

They werent going to make enough money off of me so they ghosted me. Not Dan at 3 D bonds, he called me as soon as he said he would, was very honest about the entire process, and even apologized to me that I was having so much trouble finding people to help us.

Whoever gave a one-star review must have meant that for another place because I couldnt even imagine 3 D bonds just not showing up. Other bond agencies I had called were rude and unprofessional. 3 D bonds is the ONLY place you should give your business to. They are even highly recommended by the police officers themselves. Thank you, Dan and Peter, for being so compassionate and helpful. You guys are the very BEST.”

Josenich. D. Willimantic Bail Bonds

“House and 3D bail bonds were excellent.. very professional and prompt. I definitely recommend them..

House is very professional and gives quick response.. Him and his team answered all my questions and walked me through the process! Number one Bonds Men in CT!

Flex Productions reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford


“If any of my friends or family god forbid needed a bails bondsmen I would highly recommend Tawn Burgos Jr. (TJ). He’s always reliable no matter what time of the day it is. Also, I don’t think anyone in the state can beat his deals! Thanks Tawn and everyone at 3-D Bail bonds! A. D’Agostino”

T. Crespo Hamden CT

“Very honest nice people came out quick and stayed until he was released.”

C. Santiago – Southington CT Bail Bonds
“Tawn Burgos is a great bondsman. Highly recommendable. Easy to work with. Always there!”

D Bennett New Britain Bondsman service
“Court processes can be intimidating. Luis provided us with context for what to expect and remained connected through the process. It made all the difference in navigating the experience.”

Ry Johnson New Britain Bail Bonds Location

“Drew is one of the nicest and most helpful guys and business owners you will meet. The whole team together was extremely helpful and made the process an easy and more comfortable one. Thank you!”

J. R Wisniowski New Britain Bail Bonds Office
“Great people and very helpful”

Richard K  New London CT
“The bail bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds in New London was very pleasant to work with. He described the process at the police in New London and offered me a payment plan when I said I didn’t have the full fee and was able to get my brother out quickly. This bail company has a very organized team and everyone I talked to was nice. Thank you.”

Drew Jones

Big shout to Peter, the bondsman in Norwich. My family cannot thank you enough at this time of year. 3D Bail Bonds got my bro out on Christmas day. it is true they will send the bondsman even on Christmas. this is a very good bail bond company with good bondsmen. thank you for helping us.

D. Swearinger
11/29/2018 New Haven
I am very, very happy with the service I received! The local bondsman came to help very quickly. Jordan in particular was very professional. I highly recommend 3-D!

A. Marie
11/18/2018 Hartford
Great customer service, Melinda was a great help with everything . The whole process went smoothly and way faster than I had expected .

J. Smith Hartford

Melinda was very helpful & professional & understanding, she is a very kind Woman & would recommend anyone to talk 2 her.

L. Lemaire
11/18/2018 Hartford
Melinda was very helpful, professional courteous, and informative. She helped to understand the process as we asked several questions about the systems process. She is an asset to your company.

V. Bergamotto Bridgeport CT
A friend needed to be bailed out and 3-D was there in a flash.

Drew bloom was very professional on the bail service that he wrote for a friend of mine. 3d bail bonds are the most professional agency around. 11/9/2018 S. Gottlieb reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Avon.

Jen and Monica were very helpful and nice. They made this process very easy and made me laugh at tough times… great job!! 11/9/2018 Raymond L. reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain.

Thanks 3- D Bail Bonds and Tawn Burgos. You all were very helpful and wonderful to work with. Very fast. 11/8/2018 V. Deida reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford.

Thank you 3-D Bail Bonds Inc for being helpful Tawn Burgos is wonderful. 11/8/2018 Y. Moya 


11/7/2018 Tanya Cruz reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford.

Thank you to Tawn Burgos and 3D Bail Bonds, Inc. Very fast and reliable bondsman. Highly recommended. 11/7/2018 William Telesco reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Stamford CT.

That’s my family they took good care of me an made me more responsible for my mistakes and a better man thanks to all the staff especially Ruben and the lady with the pretty smile thanks a lot…
11/6/2018 H.T.F.D HitMakers TV reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

They have always been there to help me and my family. They are the best!!!!
11/5/2018 R. Stone reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds East Hartford.

“Great helpful work from Jose. Today”
11/4/18 review Bail Bondsman in Hartford by J. HART.

Excellent. Very responsive and didn’t have to wait long for him to show up even though it was 1 am. Very helpful and explained the whole process. Highly recommend! 9/13/2018 A. Russell reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Haven CT.

Great customer service! Luis was professional and very humble. A. Ortiz 8/28/2018 reviewed Hartford Bail Bonds service.

I’m very thankful to Luis for helping me get my best friend out of jail. He was friendly, professional and helpful by explaining the whole process. He got to the police department before I did and made it a quick transaction. If I ever need services again, I’ll definitely be calling him. Amy D. ~ August 28, 2018, reviewed New London Bail Bonds service.

Wonderful, quick, reliable. House is one of the best bonds man’s I’ve ever dealt with. Made the whole experience easy and quick. I would highly recommend using 3D Bail Bonds.
Laura Kaminski ~ August 3, 2018, Reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Haven

I had quite a bad experience dealing with bonds men in New Haven in the past, so called around a lot to make sure these people were real and in my search for a good service I really feel I scored big time! I’m so grateful to have found 3-D Bail Bonds inc especially Jennifer. She was very helpful with her recommendations when dealing with the new haven correctional center and the overall circumstances. Thank you so much, wish I could give you more stars.
Lakisha M.  ~ July 27, 2018, Reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Haven

I spoke with both Dan and Jason. I have never dealt with anything in this stature before and they both took time out to give me all the information I needed as well as answering questions that didn’t even pertain to their business.

They truly were the most helpful people I could have talked to through the whole process. I would recommend these guys to anyone in a heartbeat. I can’t thank them enough!
Abbey Adkins ~ July 15, 2018, reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

They helped me even on the 4th of July. Truly grateful.
Dawn Browne ~ July 4th, 2018 reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds company in Norwich

3-D Bail Bonds are the greatest I called two or three other bondsman’s at about between 1 and 2 in the morning and they said that they would call me right back and never did I called 3D bails bonds and they were there to bond my person out within a half hour to 45 minutes coming from out of town they were very polite pleasant no hassle if you need a bondsman call 3D Bail Bonds there’s a guy named Dan and a guy named Jason like I said they’re the greatest I give them on a scale of 0 to 5 stars I give them 10 Stars
C. Olmstead ~ June 19, 2018, reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hamden

This was my first time needing a bail bond and Luis was very polite and friendly and very knowledgeable and informative in explaining the process. Hopefully, I won’t need a bail bond again but will definitely be calling them again if I do.
C. Carmine ~ June 2, 2018, reviewed our bail bonds service in East Hartford.

I needed a bail bondsman so I called 3-D! Jason Fink came out asap! Jason was friendly and very professional. He explained the process thoroughly so I knew exactly what was going on. He said that he has been in the business for 20 years and it shows!
Eric X ~ May 30, 2018, reviewed  East Hartford bail bondsman service.

They ( 3-D Bail Bonds Bondsmen) helped me right away to get my fiance out. No stress he even helped me fill out the paperwork. Will definitely use them again but hopefully won’t have to.
M. Wyszynska ~ May 2, 2018, reviewed Bail Bondsmen service New Britain. 

Let me share my experience the best I can so if you are ever in need of this service you know what to expect. First of all never dealt with police before. The whole arrest thing was very scary. Expect to call around bail companies that won’t answer their phones. When I called 3D they did pick up right away. This company was very honest. They explained what the situation was and what I needed money wise keeping their word all the time. I  recommend this company not just because their service was excellent, but also because they were nice when things weren’t exactly pretty in my family.

Liam Zitto ~ February 15, 2018, reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Willimantic CT

Thank you 3-D Bail Bonds and all the New London agents who came out and did what needed to be done to get my lady released. these people aren’t just nice, they’re real and honest. Jordan and Peter and some other lady, they all were of a such help to me and my family. This was a painful day and they made it better for all of us. thank you very much.
January 20, 2018 ~ R. Joseph reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New London CT

First of all, needing a bail bonds service isn’t a good thing, but it happened that I needed one. 3D was an excellent choice, they worked on my best interests, and made the whole process very easy. If you want a big brother experience, ask for Ruben he rocks. January 10, 2018, ~ A. Bennett reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

My favorite is Ruben, best person and, down to earth, to work with...
January 5, 2018, ~ Maria Claudio reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

Great people had good laughs during a tuff time fast affordable great for a payment plan.
November 29, 2017, ~ alirock2012 reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain

Very quick and very Helpful. Stayed late in a snowstorm to get my man free!! Thanks Luis!!

 Dec 24, 2017, ~ Kat Miller reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

had to use 3D bail Bonds once before, had to get someone out of jail and 3D Bail Bonds got right to the point and they know things aren’t easy for people who need to get someone out So they definitely work with you and once you pay your bond back you have good credit with them!! Great Quick help Great Customer service!! 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟’s
Dec 17, 2017  ~ H. Bressette reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford

3-D was incredibly helpful to me during an extremely sensitive situation. They were professional, on time, and knowledgeable. After using their services, I’ve called with follow up questions and they walked me everything I needed to know through necessary processes. I am so grateful for their willingness to help. They are the best at what they do!
May 2, 2017, ~ A. Caraglio reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain

happen to need a bonds company for my friend last week and these guys came to help so fast. I was happily surprised and very pleased with their service. professional guy Jason and Luis at the office they’re all great. Thanks.
April 13, 2017 ~ W. Saul reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in East Hartford, read more at Bail Bonds Reviews East Hartford, CT.

TJ  was very helpful and made the process easy. Made me feel at ease after being stood up from another bondsman. April 18, 2017 ~A. Cameron reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in New Britain, read more bails testimonials at Bail Bonds Reviews New Britain, CT.

In a trying time, it was very helpful to have a knowledgeable and patient person to handle my tough situation. Jennifer, in the New Britain location, answered all my questions and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I would recommend using 3D if you are in this tough situation.
Jan 20, 2017 ~ C. Chaffee reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain.

Accounts Receivable Manager’s Note:  I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Stephanie this morning at 10:11 am. She was calling to make a payment and wanted us to know that we have an amazing group of people working here at 3 D Bail Bonds.

She specifically mentioned the young lady at the New Britain office (Jennifer Burgos) who gave her such great advice from the very beginning. She said that she would recommend us to anyone, and if she was ever to go through an experience like this one again she could never call anyone else.

This lady was very pleased with the service she received throughout this entire experience and wanted someone to know.
Jan 20, 2017 ~ Stephanie reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in New Britain 

“I’ve never needed a bondsman before so i wasn’t sure of how this works and In a desperate need of a bondsman at 3 am I was surprised I was able to reach someone let alone have someone meet me to bail my friend out at this time. Luis was very helpful in assisting me in the process of getting my friend out of jail. He understood my financial situation and was able to help me out with the cheapest price possible and offer me a reasonable and affordable payment plan.

Thank you Tawn for coming out to meet me at 3am and I hope I never need your services again but if I do you will be my first call again.”
 Jan 11, 2017 ~ Bobby Rodriguez reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT.

“I saw 3-D Bail Bonds online first, then decided to go into their office in Hartford to do my transaction in person. I chose them because they had an office that I could verify on my own. I was okay to give my information and work with them, very professional people and most important very reliable”
December 23, 2016 ~ Gregg D. reviewed Bail Bonds Reviews in Hartford

Extremely quick response time and Jason is just awesome over all!
Heidi Pibble reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds, INC. — August 4, 2016 

Fast professional service even at 3:00 Am. Thank you 3-D for helping my family in their time of need. 
Sheik Abdul reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds, INC. — August 2, 2016 

I own Bad Boys Bail Bonds Inc. in Tacoma Washington. I recently had a family who had a loved one locked up in Connecticut. I used 3-D Bail Bonds to post the bail for this family. From beginning to end they were professional with getting this bail posted. The family was thrilled with the fast results and the respect and kindness they received from this company. As a business owner I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this company made my business shine. I would highly recommend 3-D for anyone in need of a bail bond. Thank you again for a job well done.
Ty Brokaw  July, 2016

Jose came to the station to bail me out. He was there quickly and the poor man had to wait for over an hour for them to let me go and he waited patiently. Thank you, soo much Jose and I would recommend these bail bondsman to everyone!!!!
Jennifer Brown reviewed 3-D Bail Bonds, INC. — March 7, 2016

“I had a great experience using 3~D bail bonds, they walk you through everything ya need to do Jose/house great guy, he was there quick, was there right when he`d be, got the paperwork done in 5 mins. hopefully won’t need to but if I do, would definitely call 3~D, and thanks again Jose.”
Mar 10, 2016 ~ Danny Dreisch

” Best in the state!”
Dec 21, 2015

” Jose did a very good job accommodating us with making the bail an easy and quick process. Of course considering the fact that I’ve never had to call a bonds man.”
Nov 17, 2015 ~ Jacqueline Houatchanthara 

“Melinda was so great. They worked with what I could do for payments. Extremely convenient. The entire staff was great helping me.”
Oct 30, 2015 ~ Nicole Simoneau

“Jose got my boyfriend out, worked with me, fast quick and easy!!”
 Oct 19, 2015 ~ Jessica Santangelo

“Thank you house you can’t through fast and delivered I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends.”
Sep 18, 2015 ~ Ashley James

“It was fast and easy and they are very good”  
Sep 15, 2015 ~ Derrika James

“They were very thoughtful, and made a difficult situation much easier. Jose hernandez and Manny Sanchez I could not had done it without them. You guys were there from the time I call you till the end.till the end.” 
Aug 24, 2015 ~ Elizabeth Mojica

“I have referred people that have financial problems but need a bondsman asap, i send them there with hopes of a great payment plan Monica always comes through and makes it possible to get their loved ones home with a realistic payment plan that they can afford.”  
Aug 24, 2015 ~ Sam Nieves

“I would recommend 3-D Bail Bonds to everyone I know. Great payment plans the Collections department was very helpful and patient, they helped my brother a lot. Monica understood his situation and made it an easy process for him. Thank you!” 
Aug 22, 2015 ~ Maria Quiles

“During a recent court case, I had the pleasure of being assisted by Yamila, who dismantled a very stressful situation for me. I was in need of information that she had got to me in a quick and orderly fashion. If I ever am in need of this service again I wouldn’t hesitate to give her a call.” 
Aug 21, 2015 ~ Anthony Gonzalez

“Yamila is a good person she really do work with you and she will do anything she can for you if you need help with a bond she is the person to talk to” 
Aug 21, 2015  ~ Shantey Wallace

“I had to use bail bonds unexpectedly and I randomly choose this one. I am so happy I did because Yamila was so helpful. She explained the whole process to me and had great customer service. This bonds company was fast and easy.hopefully, I won’t need another bonds service but if I do I will use 3d again!!! Go with and work with Yamila she is the best” 
Jun 18, 2015 ~Laura B. 

“3d was the only company open during my time of need. Yamila was more than helpful and I recommend her services to anyone. Best bondsman service in Hartford.” ~ Brian C.

“I recommend 3-D bail. the best bondsman there. they understand the process and explain it to my mom so nicely. I never been treated this good when posting bail.thank you 3-D and office people.” ~ “Z—-25”

“to 3-D Bail Bonds + friends: Thank you all for being there when I needed you. I hope that you “all” have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. God bless you.PS: Ruben you made my list.” ~ Kimberly G.

“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Dan and Drew as an attorney and they have provided excellent service to my clients. They have been available to consult and get my clients released faster than any other bondsman I have called and have always been able to work with my clients to get them released quickly. I highly recommend them.” ~ James Ruane, Esq.

“As a criminal defense lawyer I highly recommend this bail bonds company over all others. They are always available day or night and have gotten my clients out of jail faster than any other bail bonds company. Great customer service and my clients are always satisfied. They also cover the entire state.” ~ T. DiNardi, criminal defense lawyer

“They took a chaotic situation and made it very workable and added some semblance to a situation. When someone you know gets arrested it can get very overwhelming. These guys really helped out.” ~ Terry S.

“I wanted to take a moment to appreciate this company. sadly my son was arrested a few times and always in a hard situation for me. 3-D Bail came out during the snow storm and bailed my 19-year-old son at midnight. They are the most respectful bail agents I know. serious, on-time and very PROFESSIONAL!!! unlike others. It doesn’t matter when you call them, they will go out and post bail for you.” ~ Danisha T.

“Great Guys. Very Helpful with the payment plan at 3:00am.” ~ A Google User

Reviews in Spanish – Críticas en Español

“Mejor servicio y agentes bien profesionalesLa gente de 3-D Bail me atendio y ayudo como si fuera mi propia family. Estoy muy agradecida con el servicio y los pagos ofrecidos. El bailbonds es una cosa que nunca imagine yo tendria que hacer pero gracias a Dios los agentes me explicaron y ayudaron en todo. Espero que esta recomendacion la ayude a usted si esta atravezando por una situation parecida. muchas gracias.” ~ Monica L.

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