3-D Bail Bonds was established in 1997. Our staff is the best team of bail bondsmen and agents in the state of Connecticut. They are empathetic and handle all bail bond issues with utmost discretion and ethics. In order to provide the fastest and best bail bond service available, our Connecticut bail agents are located strategically statewide so our staff members are familiar with each area and are local to the communities they serve. We employ the finest and most expert account’s receivable professionals in the industry which allow families and individuals who require creative financing solutions to get their loved ones out today. Finally, our professional Bail Enforcement Agents work diligently to protect each cosigner’s resources.

Our 3-D team of honest and helpful individuals is the team you can rely on when life happens. Our staff is here 24/7 ready to help and answer every bail related question you may have.



Daniel J. Toner
(Bail Bondsman & Owner)
As President, Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of 3-D Bail Bonds, Dan’s primary responsibility is overseeing the overall operation of the business. Read more…
Andrew "Drew" Bloom
(Bail Bondsman & Owner)
As owner and founder of 3-D Bail Bonds, Drew has been there from the start. Drew is proud to have a great team of bail agents and customer service specialists helping customers 24/7. Read more…
Jason Fink

(Bail Bondsman)

Jason began posting bail in 1995 and has worked exclusively in the bail bond industry since. In his twenty-plus years, he has been involved in every aspect of the business, starting as a posting agent early on writing bail in all Connecticut countiesRead more…
Ruben Serrano

(Bail Financing)

Ruben joined 3-D Bail Bonds in 2000 and quickly built high recognition for his hard work, leadership, and ambition to grow his career in the bail industry. Read more…


Bail Bondsmen Statewide

Jordan Toner

(Bail Bondsman)

Jordan has been part of 3-D Bail Bonds and the bail industry for as long as he can remember. His father Dan, grandfather Don, and close family friend Drew started 3-D Bail Bonds when he just 3 years old. Read More…


Tawn Burgos

(Bail Bondsman)

Tawn, also known as “TJ”, is one of the few young licensed Hartford bail bondsman we have in the team. He’s licensed to post bail bonds in every CT town where there is a police department, courthouse, correctional center, or youth detention center.  Read More…
Peter Czuchra

(Bail Bondsman)

Peter is a licensed bail bondsman serving Westbrook State Police and New London County. Read more…
Jose Hernandez

(Bail Bondsman)

Jose is a local bail bondsman and services the entire state of Connecticut. Read more…

Bail Bonds Coordinator
Hartford Office

Patrick Rhodes

(Hartford Office Coordinator)

Patrick aspires to continue building the legacy of 3-D Bail Bonds through diligence and courteous service to each individual that seeks out our company.  He has a firm belief that all persons, convicted or otherwise, should be treated with dignity and understanding. Read more…

Bail Financing/Coordinator New Britain office

Monica Hernandez

(Bail Financing)


As a bail financing agent, Monica enjoys helping customers. During her experience in the bail industry, she learned to understand the different personalities we service and the tremendous responsibility that entails collecting the balances after a bond is posted. See more…

IT/ Online Presence

Jhady Rios
(Bail Marketing)
Jhady joined 3-D Bail Bonds in 2009 as a customer care representative at the New London office. Read more…
Monty Fitzpatrick
As the Information Technology and Facility Manager, Monty ensures that all the equipment necessary is running smoothly and upgraded constantly. Read more…
Morgan Kicks

(Content Writer)

Morgan joined 3-D Bail Bonds in 2020. She is a talented content writer. Read more…

Our CT team of bail agents are ready awaiting your call. Call us 24/7, we have the most reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable group of bail agents always available throughout CT. When an arrest happens, your loved one arrested needs you the most and needs you fast. A quick release from jail can make a better case outcome.