3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. was established in 1997. Our staff is the best team of bail bondsmen, bonds women, and agents in the state of Connecticut. They are empathetic and handle all bail bond issues with utmost discretion and ethics. Find a team of trusted CT Bail Agents who have a reputation for service and transparency when doing business with you. 

To provide the fastest and best bail bond service available, our Connecticut bail agents are located strategically statewide. As a result, 3-D Bail Bonds’ staff members are familiar with their areas and are local to the communities they serve. We employ the finest and most expert accounts receivable professionals in the industry, which allows families and individuals who require creative financing solutions to get their loved ones out today. Finally, our professional Bail Enforcement Agents work diligently to protect each cosigner’s resources.

Our 3-D Bail Bonds staff of honest and helpful individuals is the team you can rely on when life happens. Our licensed and expert team members are here 24/7 ready to help and answer every bail-related question you may have. Meet our staff here.



Daniel J. Toner

(Bail Bondsman & Owner)

As President, Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of 3-D Bail Bonds, Dan’s primary responsibility is overseeing the overall operation of the business. He is very proud of the team of professionals he has assembled at 3-D and takes great satisfaction in having had a hand in their career development in the bail profession. Read more…

Andrew "Drew" Bloom

(Bail Bondsman & Owner)

As owner and founder of 3-D Bail Bonds, Drew has been there from the start. Drew is proud to have a great team of bail agents and customer service specialists helping customers 24/7. His imaginative mind produced the creative name “3-D” Bail Bonds. Read more…

Jason Fink

(Bail Bondsman)

Jason Fink is a pioneer in Connecticut bail bonds. He wrote his first bond in 1995. Throughout his career as a bail bondsman, Jason has been involved in every aspect of the business. He started as a posting agent, writing bail statewide. Before joining 3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. he owned a bail business. Read more…

Ruben Serrano

(Bail Financing)

Ruben joined 3-D Bail Bonds in 2000 and quickly built high recognition for his hard work, leadership, and ambition to grow his career in the bail industry. As Accounts Receivable Manager, Ruben manages all payment plan alternatives company-wide while keeping accounts in compliance with state regulations. Read more…


Kathy Benn

Kathy is an administrator at 3-D Bail Bonds. She is responsible for company-wide accounts and local business relations. Her organizational skills and friendly attitude have brought her great success in managing multi accounts while preserving business relationships with vendors and the community.

Regina Clapp


Regina is a professional and experienced bookkeeper. She aids the company departments with all its financial control needs including vendors, expenses, and banking. Read More…


Jordan Toner

(Bail Bondsman - New Haven, CT/ Bridgeport Area)

Jordan has been part of 3-D Bail Bonds and the bail industry for as long as he can remember. His father and grandfather founded the company. He is the local bondsman serving the New Haven and Fairfield County area for almost 10 years now. Jordan is a graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University with a business degree. Read More…

Tawn Burgos

(Bail Bondsman - Hartford, CT/ Southington Area)

Tawn, also known as “TJ”, is one of the few young licensed Hartford bail bondsmen we have in the team. He’s licensed to post bail bonds in every Connecticut city where there is a police department, correctional center, or youth detention center. Tawn is also known as the fastest bondsman in the state. Read More…

Peter Czuchra

(Bail Bondsman - New London/Westbrook Area)

Peter is a licensed bail bondsman serving Westbrook State Police and New London County. He brings decades of experience in the bail system. Peter, known as the New London bondsman, lives by police departments and correctional centers, apparently. As he often jokes, “I’m still in jail” while waiting for a defendant to be released. Read more…

Thomas DeMorro

(Bail Bondsman - New Britain/ Middletown, CT Area)

Tom is a licensed bail bondsman serving the New Britain area and Hartford County. Tom takes pride when serving clients during their most difficult times. He understands that bail is an urgent need requiring an immediate response. He is known for helping defendants professionally and with the respect they deserve. Read More…

E'Liyah Conner

(Licensed Bail Bonds Lady - New London and Windham County)

E’Liyah is a licensed bail bond agent, primarily serving New London County. With a career and experience in the Department of Corrections, she understands the urgent need to process bail as fast as possible. Bail bonds lady Liyah is available 24 hours, 7 days. Read More…

Jose Hernandez

(Bail Bondsman - Willimantic/ Windham Area)

Jose Hernandez is our local bail bondsman and services the entire state of Connecticut. Jose (House) is bilingual and resides in the heart of Willimantic, CT. He understands the urgency of posting bail bonds before a defendant is brought in front of a judge. He is a graduate from Vermont Tech. Read more…


Patrick Rhodes

(Hartford, CT Office Coordinator) 

Patrick aspires to continue building the legacy of 3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. through diligence and courteous service to each individual that seeks out our company. He has a firm belief that all persons, convicted or otherwise, should be treated with dignity and understanding. Find Patrick at the Hartford office at 57 Fishfry Street. Read more…


Stephanie Cruz

(Bail Financing Supervisor)

Stephanie is our new bilingual Hartford, CT Agent. She is 3-D Bail Bonds’ Accounts Receivable Supervisor, overseeing the collection of bail bond payments while providing the best experience possible for our clients. She is originally from Barranquitas, Puerto Rico and enjoys being able to help clients with their financial needs.
Read more…


Jhady Rios

(Project Manager - Statewide)

Jhady is a talented online marketer overseeing a variety of projects within the company. She joined 3-D Bail Bonds at the New London location in 2009. Presently, Jhady’s digital skills and knowledge in this constant evolving market are responsible for 3-D Bail Bonds’ statewide online presence. Read more…

Monty Fitzpatrick

(IT - Facility Manager)

As the Information Technology and Facility Manager, Monty ensures that all the equipment necessary is running smoothly while securing upgrades accordingly. Monty Fitzpatrick’s passion for teaching brought him into the bail industry about fifteen years ago. As an IT Agent, he started by training company staff with new software and equipment. Read more…


Elsie Martin

(Account Compliance Coordinator)

Our legal assistant, Ellie, comes with vast experience in compliance matters with state legislation and the Judicial District in the state of Connecticut. She is also a licensed notary public. Ellie is excited to bring her organizational skills and legal expertise to 3-D Bail Bonds, Inc.
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Our staff of CT Bail Agents is ready and awaiting your phone call. Call us 24/7, we have the most reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable group of bail agents and office staff always available throughout the state of Connecticut. We can serve every police department, correctional prison, courthouse, and detention center in a matter of minutes.

When an arrest happens, your loved one arrested needs you the most and needs you fast. Don’t wait for a call back, speak to our staff right now.

Bail agents play an essential role when someone is facing criminal charges. A quick release from jail can make an impact on their case, turn to 3-D Bail Bonds’ legal services for immediate help.

3-D Bail Bonds is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with bail bond offices throughout the state, contact us today at (860) 247-2245.