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New Haven Crimes Statistics for 2018

What is the Crime Rate in New Haven?

“The possibility of becoming a victim of a violent crime in New Haven is 1 in 119”

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                            Downtown New Haven, CT

New Haven Connecticut is home to Yale University, a thriving tech center, some of the best pizza places in the world and one of the nation’s highest crime rates. According to alarms.org, New Haven is the 13th most dangerous city in America despite a 15% drop in violent crime last year. Sadly, few cities of any size have a higher crime rate than New Haven.

The violent crime rate in New Haven is deplorable for its size

The chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in New Haven is 1 in 119, four times higher than Connecticut as a whole. Ninety-five percent of similarly sized American cities have a violent crime rate that is lower. Violent crime refers to murder, rape, robbery, and assault.

Here are New Haven Crime Statistics for 2018:

Murder 7 or .05 of 1000 population
Rape 53 or .40 of 1000 population

Both of these numbers are equal or slightly better than the national average of .05 for murder and .42 for rape.
It is robbery and assault where New Haven fairs poorly.

Robbery, 380 or 2.90 of 1000 population
Assault, 664 or 5.07 of 1000 population

Property crime in New Haven is almost double the national average. There were 876 burglaries in New Haven, averaging 6.69 per thousand. That is 62% higher than the national rate of 4.3 per thousand. Per capita theft was higher still. There were 3,981 thefts in 2018 or 30.38 per thousand, much higher than the national average 16.94.

At 343 crimes committed per square mile, you may wonder if there are any safe neighborhoods in New Haven. Especially if you compare that to the 31.1 average for the United States. If you are thinking of relocating to New Haven, the Northwest section of Westville, off of Fountain St. is one of the safest areas of the city as is Morris Cove and the Annex on the East Shore.

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