Discover the City of New Haven CT 

City of New haven CT
Landscape of Yale University in New Haven CT

The City of New Haven is full of life. Sitting along the Long Island Sound, New Haven CT is a portside city that’s home to the widely popular Yale University. Founded in 1638, New Haven was one of the nation’s first planned cities, set to be built in a grid of nine-squares. Using this grid as a means of expansion, the then small town has grown into the wonderful city, hub of cultures and diverse communities. Having a rich history, it’s not hard to find unique attractions and diverse cuisines all throughout the city. Take a look at some of these famous landmarks and local must-see places to visit on your next trip to New Haven, Connecticut.

Union Avenue Area, New Haven

Union Avenue, New Haven CT is home to the city’s police department. Also located nearby is the New Haven Railroad Station. From here, many of the town’s attractions, restaurants, and parks can be easily travelled to. The railroad station also connects to many other cities, including Hartford, Boston, and New York City. The New Haven train station sits in Union Station, a historic piece of architecture. Originally built in 1848, the train station presents a story of changing times throughout New Haven’s history.

Near Union Avenue, there are many attractions that are easily accessible by foot or car.  Some restaurants to find around Union Avenue are the Union League Cafe, Prime 16, and Frank Pepe’s.  The Frank Pepe’s in New Haven, at 163 Wooster Street, is actually the original location of the restaurant chain. Founded in 1925, Frank Pepe, an Italian immigrant, opened the business and it has become a fan favorite ever since, winning many awards as being one of the best pizzerias in the U.S. 

New Haven neighborhoods like Long Wharf offers the New Haven Harbor that sits on the north side of Long Island Sound. Down at the water, there are many parks and attractions that can be found among the walking paths. Long Wharf Park and East Shore Park sit on opposite sides of the harbor, and are both places that offer beautiful views of the water.

Also found along the harbor is Fort Nathan Hale, a city park named after Connecticut’s hero, Nathan Hale. The park includes forts from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and is on the eastside of the harbor. You can find many restaurants on the harbor, one place to check out is Food Truck Paradise at 351 Long Wharf Drive in New Haven. Food Truck Paradise is located on a parking lot filled by  a variety of food trucks serving Latin cuisine. This is one casual dining option with a front row water view.

Yale University Attractions

The City of New Haven CT is known for many things, but the city is undoubtable best known for being home to Yale University, the highly competitive Ivy League school that people from all over the world compete to attend every year. Founded in 1701, the school is one of the oldest universities in America, being founded even before the Revolutionary War. The architecture of Yale University uniquely stands out. The Connecticut Hall at Yale is a Georgian building. It’s the third-oldest of only seven surviving building from the colonial era college. Considered a National Historic Landmark is the campus plan known as Old Brick Row.

Yale University in New Haven CT offers many museums and attractions for visitors. One of the most famous is the Yale University Art Gallery.  At 1111 Chapel Street in New Haven, the gallery is one of the oldest in the world, having opened in 1832. The gallery features collections of European, Asian, African, and Indo-Pacific art of both ancient and modern styles. These collections are home to sculptures, paintings, and drawings, totaling to over 300,000 objects throughout the entire gallery.

Another gallery type of attraction is the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Located at 170 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, the museum was founded by George Peabody in 1866 and is currently housing collections about Earth, zoology, anthropology, paleontology, entomology, botany, and mineralogy. It’s one of the oldest natural museums in the world. Other Yale area attractions to check out include the Yale Center for British Art, the New Haven Museum, Shubert Theater, and the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments, among many others.

New Haven, Hamden Nature Filled Parks

With New Haven being so close to the water, outdoor life is full of beautiful trails and parks. East Rock Park, located at 41 Cold Spring Street in New Haven, is one of multiple city parks. Covering a 425-acre area, the park is home to green spaces, recreational areas, and walking trails. Inside houses the Pardee Rose Garden and Greenhouse. From spring until fall, Pardee offers an array of flowers on display, along with a greenhouse containing a luxurious garden. Another unique part of East Rock Park is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at the summit of the park. Built in 1887, the monument honors soldiers who lost their lives while in service. Sitting on the summit, the monument is visible almost anywhere in New Haven.

Another fun outdoor area that attracts people from all over the city is the New Haven Green. Being a national historic landmark, the Green was a part of the original layout of the city. The Green also contains three historic churches from the early 1800s that face the parks’ greens. It’s a 16-acre city park, and sits at 250 Temple Street in New Haven. Many city events take place on the Green. A weekly occurrence that happens at the local stage are Pop-Ups, where local artists perform every Friday at noon. Along with hosting many festivals throughout the year, the Green also has different daily events ranging from scavenger hunts to yoga sessions. 

Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, CT is also another beautiful outdoor park that is perfect for hiking. Located at 200 Mount Carmel Avenue in Hamden, the park is a part of New Haven County and is about eight miles north of the city itself. Hamden was originally a part of the New Haven Colony, but became its own town in 1786. Sleeping Giant State Park was founded in 1924, and has attracted thousands of visitors ever since. The name comes from the mountaintop which resembles a large, sleeping man. The trails that lead to the top give great views of Connecticut’s skyline in New Haven. The park sits on Mt. Carmel, and at its peak there is an observation deck with a stone tower. Hike to the top for amazing views of Long Island Sound.

Famous People From New Haven CT

One of the most popular New Haven natives is former President George W. Bush. He was born in New Haven, CT at the Yale-New Haven Hospital in 1946, he was president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. As a member of the Republican party, Bush was known as a politician before his work as president for his role as the Governor of Texas. 

New Haven was also the temporary home of former presidents William Howard TaftGerald Ford, and Bill Clinton, as well as Secretary of State John Kerry. President Clinton met his wife, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while the two were students at Yale Law School.

From the entertainment industry, a well-known individual from New Haven is Karen Carpenter. Born in 1950, she was famous for being a singer and drummer of the musical duo The Carpenters, alongside her older brother. In the 1970s, the duo became a popular force on the music scene.  Unfortunately, Karen suffered from heart failure and died at age of 32. But The Carpenters’ music is still popular to this day, and Karen is regarded as one of the 100 best vocalists of all time by the Rolling Stones in 2010.

Famous heavy metal singer Michael Bolton was born in the city of New Haven CT. Making music in genres such as heavy metal and rock, Bolton is best known for his pop rock ballads. He’s recorded solo albums, as well as band albums as the face of the band Blackjack. He’s landed in the top 10 Billboard charts for his albums, and has hit number one on multiple of his lead singles. Bolton was born in 1953, and has been awarded two Grammy awards for his musical prowess.

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