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Jhady Rios, Project Manager at 3-D Bail Bonds


Jhady is a customer service ambassador with over 15 years of successful experience in the service industry. She has a proven ability to foster relationships with co-workers, customers, and the community.

Jhady began her career at sixteen in the sales industry back home in Perú, then moved to the United States motivated by the fascination she had with the English language — a language she mastered very quickly. In Perú, she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Science, School of Tourism at the University San Luis Gonzaga (Ica-Perú). She continued her career at Foxwoods Resort Casino as a salesperson while continuing her education at Manchester Community College and graduated as a legal assistant in the School of Office & Technology in 2010.

Jhady Rios joined 3-D Bail Bonds in 2009 as a customer care representative at the New London office. She brought her passion for learning and ambition to grow her career. She was fascinated by the bail industry and as she enjoys saying “she never repeats a day, it’s always different.”  In 2011 Jhady was promoted to Social Media Manager. She developed and maintained all social media channels and online marketing campaigns. Her belief is that a bail bond is the best way to save money for taxpayers and to ensure the appearance of defendants in court. She is an ambassador for change in the bail industry in the State of Connecticut and believes that if everyone in the industry starts by representing themselves as professional bail bondsmen and bail bondswomen, the industry will earn more respect and citizens won’t form the negative connotation about bail bondsmen. In 2014, Jhady was promoted to Project Manager and relocated to the New Britain office. She was overseeing companywide projects along with the successful development of our New Britain Bail Bonds location.

In 2016 Jhady became a mom for the first time welcoming a baby boy in late August.

Jhady can be reached by phone at (860) 229-2525

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