ruben serrano

Accounts Receivable Manager

Ruben Serrano, Decades of Experience in Bail Bonds Financing

Ruben Serrano joined 3-D Bail Bonds in 2000 and quickly built high recognition for his hard work, leadership, and ambition to grow his career in the bail industry.

As Accounts Receivable Manager, Ruben manages all bail financing alternatives while keeping accounts in compliance with state regulations. He’s the expert in offering the best financial arrangements to pay for a bail bond. His personalized and creative payment plans are highly recommended by hundreds of customers.

After someone is released from prison with financed bail, the Accounts Receivable team makes sure clients have the best possible experience. They have the ability to offer a variety of payment options and platforms to submit bond payments. Having to pay for bail is an unexpected expense for many, agents like Ruben are known to make a difference by being compassionate and respectful.

Ruben’s friendly personality has been admired and respected for decades. He is a people person and enjoys building long-lasting relationships while helping them during this difficult situation.

His belief: “Good leadership brings good results and at the same time generates opportunity for future leaders.”

Ruben Serrano is an authorized company representative in a Connecticut Superior Court.

When Ruben is not working, he enjoys traveling to a sunny island to recharge. He is also an avid skier and baseball player; he enjoys riding motorcycles and biking in general. One of his favorite places to ski is anywhere out West.

Ruben Serrano can be reached by phone at (860) 246-5644.