New Britain, located in central Connecticut right outside of Hartford, is a prosperous and beautiful city with a highly diverse population. It’s home to many landmarks, including Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), and holds many ties to the 19th century industrial world. New Britain CT’s old architecture and historic building still take your breath away.

New Britain’s History, Downtown Area, and Arch Street

Arch Street, New Britain is home to our 3-D Bail Bonds New Britain location. Close to here, right over in Franklin Square, is New Britain’s judicial district where the town’s Superior Court is. Near the judicial district is New Britain’s Police Department, at 10 Chestnut Street.

3-D Bail Bonds New Britain assists with bail posting at these facilitates 24/7. The Arch Street office provides a nice central area for dealing with the Judicial system in New Britain. Arch Street is also home to many businesses, restaurants, and shops that are loved by all, as well as rich history that can still be seen today.

Back in the 1800s, New Britain was developed as an industrial city for manufacturing. Unique to other industrial cities of its time, New Britain wasn’t located on a waterway. But even so, it was one of the most successful cities of its time. Today, the architecture, style, and layout of the city reflects this, as it’s early 20th century and Victorian buildings line the streets.

These historic places from industrial times make up New Britain’s downtown area today, consisting of Main Street and other streets surrounding it. Anything can be found in the downtown area, from various services to local outlets. To travel around the city, you can use the CT Fastrak bus station which is located right next to the town’s Visitor’s Center.

Moving along Main Street, there are many town restaurants as well, such as Chinatown Express, Capitol Lunch, YoYo Thai Ice Cream Roll, and Roly Poly Bakery.

You can also find fun shops and activities, like Amato’s Toy and Hobby store and Funcity Trampoline Park. Many other markets, ins, and medical centers are also dotted along the street, making downtown a versatile place for all to enjoy!

Museums and Parks in New Britain

Throughout the town, there are a few different parks that offer great outdoor views and nature filled adventures. One standout of these parks is Walnut Hill Park Rose Garden. This beautiful garden is filled with vibrant flowers, plants, stone sculptures, water sprouts, and small ponds. There are nature walkways and sightseeing trails for visitors to use, making this garden a must see spot to visit.

Another park in New Britain that’s loved by children is Willow Street Park. Featuring a splash pad and playground, it is popular among families, especially during the summer months. With benches, shaded picnic tables, and a large field attached to the main attractions, Willow Street is the perfect place for kids.

Similar parks can be found all around New Britain, a few being Stanley Quarter and A.W Parks, Willow Brook Park, Corbin Heights Park, and the City of New Britain Park.

One thing that New Britain is widely known for is their popular New Britain Museum of American Art. It was founded in 1903, and was the first museum in the country dedicated to American art. With over 8,000 permanent collections of paintings, sculptures, and photographs, the museum also offers exhibitions dedicated to other movements in art history.

Some of these include honors to specific art styles and people, while others are dedicated to women and minority artwork. With COVID safety regulations put in place for visitors and staff, New Britain’s Museum of American Art is an enjoyable and loved attraction by those who visit the town.

Notable People Born in New Britain CT

New Britain is home to many notable people. Some of these include athletes, politicians, novelists, and musicians that have become widely known for large impacts they’ve made in their fields. One recognizable name from New Britain CT is Walter Camp. Camp was an American football player and coach born in 1859.

He attended, played, and coached football at Yale University, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951 for his huge influence as a coach. He was a decorated player in the earlier times of American football, and a great coach who helped develop football into what it is today. For that, Camp is known as the “Father of American Football”, and contributed much to the sport until his death in 1925.

Another notable face born in New Britain is CT State Senator Chris Murphy. Born in 1973, Murphy has served in both the House of Representatives and Senate chambers of Congress. From 2007 – 2013, Murphy served as the Congressman for the 5th district of CT, and defeated long-time incumbent to become a CT Senator in 2013. Currently, he still serves as one of the state’s two Senators.

Hard Hittin’ New Britain is home to many hardworking people, children looking for a chance to get a good education, and neighbors helping one another. One of many goals for the City Mayor’s Erin steward is to end homelessness. Her proactive program in 2019 offered 44 individuals stables homes to young adults between ages of 18 and 24. See the program details at Building Hope Together.