3-D Bail Bonds is a Hartford bail bond agency known by many generations as the “Hartford Bonds people”. This bail bonding company was founded in 1997 in Hartford, Connecticut. One of their first bail bond offices was located on Albany Avenue in Hartford. Two decades later they are one of the largest CT bail bond retailers in the state.

The Hartford Bail Bonds Company – The Beginnings

the hartford bail bond agency in 1997
3-D Bail Bonds of Hartford since 1997

3-D’s name was chosen using each owner’s first initial. The founders, Don, a father, Dan, a son, and Drew, a friend, ventured in the Connecticut bail bonds industry back when there were only a few Hartford bail bonds companies. At the beginnings of 3-D Bail Bonds, the owners themselves managed files, posted bail, attended court, called for payments and for a while had to find their own skips. Finding skips was the one task they had to learn fast since their very first “bond” ended up being a forfeiture. Dan and Drew still talk about this forfeiture as if it happened yesterday. They, of course, joke about it now, but back then, this experience taught them the need for good information.

Donald Toner, one of 3-D Bail Bonds founders passed away in 2011. Don’s passing left a broken heart at the company. His family, friends, staff, and everyone who knew him was greatly affected by his sudden passing. His legacy and entrepreneurial spirit had been greatly missed since then.

Dan and Drew continued to grow their bail business statewide, adding more staff to cover towns in Fairfield and New Haven County. The company’s thriving efforts was the place of employment for as many as 45 employees at some point. Many young professionals started their careers at this local bail agency.

Marketing in the early 2000s for 3-D as Dan recalls, “the bigger the ad the more calls you would get”. They had the Hartford agent for the Yellow pages listing on speed dial. As business owners, they couldn’t miss the spot on the newly updated book for the upcoming year. Meanwhile Drew was very interested in the web stuff and managed to work a very basic website in some old HTML code that no longer exists or so they were told. That’s in a few words the quick story of their 3dbailbonds.com website and how it all started. Today with professional help, talented staff, and plenty of brainstorming they keep up with their online presence on Social Media and Google. This CT bail bonds agency offers high tech services including online pre-approvals, online payments, and more.

Prison Release and Public Safety Keys to Success

Bail agents in Connecticut not only guarantee the prison release of someone on bail, but they also guarantee their appearance in court. If the person out on bail fails to appear in court, 3-D Bail Bonds also fails. The system only works while the bail companies bring the principal back to court to face trial. “It comes down to accountability and public safety”, bondsman Drew says.

The Connecticut bail bonds industry like any other industry has changed over the years. As a company, they managed to keep up with new legislation and continue to fight for reasonable bail. Currently, they are active members of the Bail Association of Connecticut (BAC). Considered experts in the industry, 3-D Bail Bonds is always open to share insights and tips about bail in Connecticut.

When it comes to bail laws and bail processing oftentimes they’re requested to be consulted by many legal entities including the media and research studies. Many may know what bail is and how they work, however, there is a fine line within the law that only bail experts with experience may be able to define and explain. As Drew adds “Bail laws are changing in the state and at the national level, we need to educate Connecticut residents their options and what’s at stake”.

For instance, recently with the highly publicized Dulos case, 3-D Bail Bonds of Hartford was consulted about the bail bonds process and the amount of money needed for the “6 Million bond”. WTNH News 8 requested an interview to discuss this topic with Drew. See the interview here.

Bail Bonds Agency Gives Back to its Community

bail bond agency gives back
2019 Toy Drive Donation

Giving back to the community is one of the activities they enjoyed the most. Dan and Drew and the staff at the Hartford office, the New London and New Britain office had been hosting toy drives and sponsoring local sports teams. The “12 Days of Christmas” for many years was one of the most anticipated events by their Facebook fans. Every Christmas season, this bail company with headquarters in Hartford would host twelve days of giveaways in honor of the holiday season. At the same time, Drew, the owner, would create his own holiday version of popular songs and share them on Facebook. You can find these videos on their YouTube Channel and the website. The 2019 Holiday Toy Drive was to benefit the Connecticut Alliance of Families and Foster Children (CAFAF) – (See events donations page) located in Rocky Hill.

3-D Bail Bonds’ main priority is to be there for everyone in need of bail service 24 hours a day, seven days a week offering the lowest fees possible and the most affordable financing options so everyone can afford bail in Connecticut. Their highly trained agents are experienced and honest. You can find a compassionate and professional team willing to help you 24/7 at 3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. To find a 24-hour CT bail bonds call 860-24/7-BAIL or call their toll-free number 800-570-5544. They’re serving Hartford County and every prison and courthouse throughout Connecticut since 1997.