Top Ten Reasons To Post Bail

top ten reasons to post bailRecently, when our phone rang someone whose freedom had been taken away was calling looking for a local bail bondsman. We immediately got to work to contact their family in an effort to bail him out. The defendant’s family said they wanted to “teach him a lesson” and “leave him in there.

Perhaps you heard this or even said it before. We’d like you to consider who it is teaching the lessons. When a family member is arrested, now is the time to make sure you help the most. This is by far the time when they need the most support!  If an arrested person is held on bond and their bond is not posted, they are brought to one of CT’s Correctional Centers and locked-up in dorms with as many as 70 other inmates. Others, who have been arrested and did not bond out. Some are being held for charges much worse than theirs. The absolute worst people to be teaching lessons. 

Besides wanting your loved one back home, there are other very important reasons why when affordable, you should post their bail bond. It helps tremendously to show up in court as a tax payer citizen and not as a prisoner. While out free they can keep a job to afford a private lawyer so the case is fought fairly and most importantly the defendant can prepare in case of a jail sentence later on.

We at 3-D Bail Bonds understand this is a difficult time and decision, however, this is when our loved ones need us the most.  

The following are the top ten reasons to post bail bonds immediately:

  1. Defense Participation: Defending charges while incarcerated is harder and more expensive. Phone calls are recorded and used against defendants.
  2. Less Time to Hinder Defense: Police are highly trained interrogators – Get them out so they don’t admit to something they may or may not have done.
  3. Do the Teaching: Keep the “lesson teaching” to those that truly want to help your loved one – no other defendants.
  4. Equalize the Scales of Justice: Once out on bail, your loved one will attend court hearings more equal to the prosecutor, not in a prison jumpsuit, shackles, and handcuffs.  
  5. Better First Impressions: It means everything -especially in court. The Judge only sees them for a minute or two. Let them see a well-dressed taxpayer – not a criminal.
  6. Get or Keep a Job: Being employed or in school improves their image to the judge for better case outcomes. Teach a lesson by making them pay you back for the bail bond.
  7. Ability to Hire an Attorney: With a job, your loved one can hire a private attorney for better results.
  8. Giving up Defense is Less Likely: While in prison defendants feel desperate to get out and prosecutors make offers. Don’t let them plead guilty to charges they didn’t commit just to get out.
  9. Ability to Choose Rehab: Often there is a multi-month wait for beds in rehab programs offered to inmates. Often one can be found quicker from the outside.
  10. Preparation: In the event that the defendant is sentenced to prison the accused will be able to prepare their dependents, family members, friends, and co-workers.  


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