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United States Presidential Inauguration – Donald Trump

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 United States Presidential Inauguration 

presidential inauguration

The Presidential Inauguration schedule 2017 can be found here along with a live stream coverage of the Inauguration.

3-D Bail Bonds would like to take a moment to wish President Donald Trump and the new administration unprecedented success during the upcoming Presidential term. We hope this inauguration process, with the vast media coverage it will receive, provides a valuable educational experience for our children. We must also take a moment to thank President Obama and his team for all of their accomplishments. May God bless America and keep us all safe and strong.

Donald Trump is the first president elected without previously serving in public office or the military, however, he is a very successful businessman. Twitter seems to be his favorite social platform, follow him here.

A quick fact back on Inauguration Day history: in 1841, the ninth president William Henry Harrison, caught pneumonia during his inauguration and unfortunately passed away thirty-one days later.