The New Haven Correctional Center is a level 4 high-security facility in New Haven, Connecticut. For fast and affordable bail bonds New Haven Correctional, call 3-D Bail Bonds New Haven at (203) 562-6666. Find the latest about this Connecticut correctional, located near historic little Italy and Ivy League Yale University in downtown New  Haven.

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New Haven Correctional Center Front Entrance

History of New Haven Correctional Center

The correctional center was opened on April 27th, 1976. It was initially built with a main building, two dormitories for inmates, and an outside unit. In 1991, the dormitory was renovated with two inmate housing units on one floor, and in 1993 the facility added a 234-space parking garage next to the facility. The most recent change made to the Correctional Center was opening the outside unit with 12 beds in 1997. The entire area of the facility adds up to 5 acres of land, and there is currently 275 employees working at the facility.

What to Know about Bail Bonds New Haven Correctional

new haven correctional parking
Parking at New Haven Correctional Center

The nickname that many people use for New Haven Correctional Center is Whalley jail, or just “Whally prison”. The facility sometimes house federally detained inmates who are going to court at the federal courthouse on Church Street in New Haven. The parking garage sits on County Street, right off of Whalley Avenue. The parking garage is open for the public.

Bail Bonds New Haven Correctional Process

To post bail bonds at the New Haven Correctional Center, call 3-D Bail Bonds in New Haven at (203) 562-666. Make sure to have the defendant’s name, date of birth, where the defendant is being held, and if possible, what charges the defendant was arrested for ready and at hand, so our bail agents can start the bail bonds process within minutes of your call.

Our bail bondsmen diligently verify charges and bail amounts first prior to posting the bail. Meet with our bail bondsmen at the New Haven Correctional Center to process the bond and payment options offered for our clients, and to sign the bond. Immediately after, the defendant will be released from the facility.

Here are some other things to remember about posting bail at the New Haven Correctional Center.

5 days a week, “Records” are there to assist with bail bonds:

New Haven Correctional Center and Local Superior Courts

The New Haven Correctional Center houses mostly pretrial offenders. The facility serves multiple courts in the area, including the following located in Meriden, New Haven, and Torrington.

Superior Court Meriden GA-7
54 West Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451
(203) 238-6130

For bail bonds in Meriden, CT, contact our local bondsman.

Superior Court New Haven GA-23
121 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 789-7461

For bail bonds in New Haven CT, contact our local bail bonds service.


Litchfield Superior Court
50 Field St.
Torrington CT 06790