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Do you take 3 percent on a bail bond? 

As a down payment, we do 3 percent bail bonds. In fact, we can take less than 3 percent down on bonds of 10,000 or more. 3% bail bondsmen services and easy bail financing available 24,7 in every city throughout Connecticut. Lowest fees and 0% interest on all bonds.

3 percent bail bonds in CT
3 Percent Bail Bonds Available 24 Hours, 7 Days, 365. Lowest bail fees in Connecticut.

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Still, confused? Let’s explain this with an example: On a $10,000 bond the fee is $850, 3-D Bail Bonds can take as little as $297.50 which is less than 3 percent of the bail bond. Once you make the 3 percent down payment the bail bondsman can start the process of bailing your family or friend out of jail. If you are not familiar with the bail bonds process in Connecticut, visit this link to learn more.

Our licensed bail agents have the ability to post a bond with only 3 percent down, and no interest for up to 15 months. We can take the 3 percent minimum fee deposit in cash, credit card, check, Apple Pay or money orders. You can pay online on our website. Legally we can do bail bonds with 3% down. 3-D Bail Bonds’s financial team is always eager to work with everyone. Their goal is to make the process of paying off your balance as smooth as possible. They’ll set up payments that fit your personal budget allowing you to choose the best day of the week to make the payment. When in need of a friendly hand to help with bail payments simply contact Ruben, Monica or Clara.

Bail Bonds with no Money Down?

“For those of you on a budget and searching for the cheapest local bail bondsman or cheapest bail bond company beware that all CT Bail Bonds are regulated by the Insurance Department in Connecticut so there is no cheaper bail bondsman or cheaper bail bonds company in Connecticut.”

Don’t get yourself caught in a sticky situation by using a company that may claim to take less. They are breaking the law. The state can find the bondsman and pull the bond and you will lose the money. Instead, find an agency with reputation and experience in the Connecticut bail industry. Legally, 3-D Bail Bonds can work an affordable financing option based on your income. We have a team of experts in personalized financing to help, contact us 24 hours a day.

Conceivably using an outlaw bail bond or participating in an illegal bail bond transaction could lead to criminal charges just like possessing stolen merchandise. Someone willing to break the law in order to do a bond may be just as willing to steal the payment and not post the bond at all, we’ve seen it happen. Learn more about how to spot a bail bond scam.

Deal with a reputable agency like 3-D Bail Bonds. Established in 1997 and with offices located in Hartford and New Britain and bail bondsmen strategically located throughout the state. We offer the most affordable and fast bail service so you don’t have to wait, ever. Bail Bonds with 3% down or less are possible. Contact one of the agents today at 860-247-245 or call toll -free 800-570-5544 to find the cheapest 3 percent bail bonds service now. Check our fees posted here.


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