CT Inmate Accounts Information

Connecticut inmates serving sentence or under pretrial incarceration in prisons have access to personal inmate accounts managed by the Inmate Trust Fund office at the Department of Corrections. “CT Inmate Accounts” are a common way to send money to incarcerated defendants for personal needs.

Ct inmate accounts Hartford correctional
North Meadows Hartford CT Correctional Center

While Connecticut inmates have many constitutional rights while in jail, the most important one is their right to get released on bail while awaiting trial. Bail is a form of pretrial release that guarantees defendants’ appearance in Court. To get someone out on bail, speak to licensed and reliable bail bondsmen at 3-D Bail Bonds.

Inmates serving a sentence in Connecticut must attend an inmate orientation session. This session is provided by a Correctional Counselor within the first few business days after admission. Facility and departmental rules, behavioral expectations and the disciplinary process are reviewed. Inmates are advised on how they can access their inmate accounts, medical, mental health, addiction, religious and educational services and programs. Inmates will work with the counselor to establish a visiting and telephone list to communicate with family and friends.

What is a CT inmate account?

A prisoner can have an inmate account for personal expenses at the facility he or she is housed in. These items can be purchased from the commissary. The Commissary provides a variety of personal hygiene products, over-the-counter medications, food and snack items, clothing, underwear, writing materials, footwear, religious items and various approved electronics. Items may vary at each facility dependent on the security level and gender of the inmate. The commissary order form must be filled a week prior to delivery on commissary day. For more inmate account information call (860) 692-7670.

“From the Connecticut Department of Corrections”

 It is no longer required to be on an inmate’s visitor list to send money to CT inmates in jail

The Inmate Trust Fund (ITF) office is responsible for receiving funds for incarcerated residents, for making payments from, and maintaining all records associated with inmate accounts.

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Download form to add funds to CT inmate accounts

Add Cash to Inmate Accounts at CT Correctional Centers

Using Kiosk in the Lobby

Deposit cash to ct inmate accounts
Kiosk to deposit cash to CT inmate accounts.

The kiosk located in the lobby area at the Hartford Correctional accepts cash and credit cards. For inmates and families who are not able to set up the account online, they can walk inside the correctional center and use the kiosk in the lobby to deposit money directly for an incarcerated loved one. Similar kiosks to this one are located at the York Correctional, the Corrigan Correctional, the Bridgeport Correctional, and the New Haven Correctional Center.


How to send funds to CT inmate accounts

First of all, you must fill requested forms for the Department of Corrections. Once this form is filled it must be mailed to the following address: Inmate Trust Fund. P.O. Box 290800 Wethersfield, CT 06129-0800.

See fast ways to deposit funds to inmates: 

JPAY Electronic Deposit ( kiosks can be found in CT Correctional lobby)
JPAY: One Click Payments with JPay

TouchPay Electronic Deposit (PDF)
TouchPay: www.ctdoc.net

Western Union Electronic Deposit (PDF)
Western Union: www.westernunion.com/corrections

For U.S. Mail: Funds are accepted from the following sources:

Money Order or Certified/Cashier’s Check, along with complete and legible remitter information *
Attorney checks, along with cover letter
Employer checks, along with pay stub
Refund check from Vendors
Social Security checks
Social Services checks
Tax Refunds
Unemployment checks
Veterans Administration checks

* All Checks or Money Orders MUST be payable to the inmate
* Remitter Information MUST include:
1. Inmate First, Middle Initial and Last Name
2. Inmate Number
3. Inmate Date of Birth
4. Sender’s First and Last Name
5. Sender’s Full Address (Number, Street, Apartment/Unit, City, State and Zip Code)

For former inmates: Get money back from accounts

Final Check Request: Former inmates may request a check for their remaining funds by completing a Request for Account Balance Form and mailing it to: Inmate Trust Fund, 24 Wolcott Hill Rd. Wethersfield, CT 06109.


Download form below to request money back from “Inmate Trust Account” for former inmates in Connecticut

Resources to read and download:

The Family and Friends Handbook is a helpful resource to those looking for more information. You can download it here.

Learn more about sending “care packages” to inmates at the Hartford Correctional Center, visit Pigeonly services.

For information about in-person prison visits to CT correctional centers, visit our blog about visitation guidelines during COVID-19.

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