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What To Expect When Posting Bail Bonds at Hartford Correctional Center

What To Expect When Posting Bail Bonds at Hartford Correctional Center

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Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional Service

Do you have a loved one arrested at the  Hartford Correctional Center in the North Meadows? Speak to bail experts at 3-D Bail Bonds, call (860) 247-2245. We are located directly across from the Hartford Correctional Prison in the North End of Hartford, CT. Our local and licensed Bail Agents are always available with bail bonds Hartford Correctional services, free consultations, and immediate help. 

For fast Hartford jail release call us or visit the 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford office at 57 Fishfry St. We’re at the intersection between Fishfry Street and Weston Street.

The Bail Bonds Process 

Like any other public institution, the Hartford Correctional operates during facility hours Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm. Weekend hours vary at this prison because Bail Agents depend on prison records personnel. To post a loved one’s bail, first, contact a trusted bail bonds company or licensed agent. You will need the bail fees and to cosign their bond to successfully bail them out from jail. Find more information about the Hartford prison and how the North End became part of one of the biggest Connecticut prisons.

Hartford Correctional Bail Bonds During COVID-19

Call first. Call the bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds to get the best information possible. A good honest Hartford bondsman will not only find accurate information but would also offer options. Explore some things you may not know about bail in Connecticut. Remember that our Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional Service could be processed differently from any other prison. The Hartford prison may take longer compared to the Bridgeport Correctional one.

Unexpected facility shutdown. During these uncertain times, some correctional centers have been shut down unexpectedly due to personnel or inmates reporting symptoms of coronavirus. In this case, we must wait to hear back from the facility to proceed.

Get prepared to have your temperature checked.  Got bail bonds Hartford Correctional? Prior to entering the Hartford correctional lobby to post bail, designated staff outside will check your temp. If your temp reads over 100.4 you will not be allowed in the building. See the link here for more restricted operations. Recently records staff has asked to only see the bail bondsman inside to minimize direct contact. In this case, the family must wait outside the lobby.

Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional. Preferred methods to pay. According to many sources, cash is considered the most infested item you can touch during COVID-19. That’s why it is encouraged to place it in a zip bag and count it using gloves. To pay the bondsman, you can use cash, credit cards, and debit cards, or pay online using a variety of apps and services.

Online forms and easy process. 3-D Bail Bonds offers a full online paperwork service to customers available 24/7. Fillable forms are easy to fill and sign electronically. Forms can be sent through fax and email. We’re here to work with you and make the process easy to follow in simple steps.

Court dates and follow-ups. While most Connecticut courts were closed during Covid times, most are open now. Currently, available courts are offering priority 1-level functions including arraignments, domestic cases, and bail bonds. Video call hearings are also happening statewide. 3-D Bail Agents are offering a follow-up with information on the next court dates and procedures.

About Hartford Inmate Visits. In-person prison visitation resumed on October 15th, 2020 while video call visitation was implemented at Hartford Correctional in December. Inmates’ families have access to free-of-charge video calls. The procedure to schedule inmate visits is listed on our visitation page.

To post bail bonds Hartford Correctional Center you must wear a face covering, otherwise, you will not be allowed in the lobby. Stay in contact with your bail bondsman at all times to avoid any last-minute situation that may delay your loved one’s release.

Bail Bond Resources For the North Meadows Prison

Staying Safe at Hartford Correctional and Any CT Jail in Connecticut

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View of the Hartford Correctional Center Front Entrance

Remember to protect your life and others, practice social distancing during this crisis, but most importantly stay safe, and stay home. We understand the anxiety and frustration families must be going through when they cannot see their loved ones during this difficult time. However, 3-D Bail Bonds is here serving you, if bail is an option, we are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Drew Bloom speaks about safety first during the COVID-19 outbreak in Connecticut.

Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional is possible 24 hours, seven days, don’t wait for a call back when a loved one has been sent to this Hartford prison. Find a Connecticut bail bonds agency truly local and with experience in the industry no one can match. We’re considered by many the neighborhood bondsman in town.

3-D Bail Bonds, Inc.

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