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Free Services: Warrant Check – Failure to Appear – VOP

Free Services: Warrant Check – Failure to Appear – VOP

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Facing a Criminal Charge and a Possible Arrest?

Call today and check if there is an arrest warrant with your name on it

Check My Warrant

Our free bail services offer confidential bail consultations, warrant checks, bail bond verification, attorney referrals and more!

An arrest is often inevitable when you have been accused of a crime and the police have enough evidence to place you under arrest. Keep in mind you can also have a re-arrest warrant if you missed a court date or have violated any conditions of your release. If this is your case, call 3-D Bail Bonds at 860-247-2245. The agents can obtain more details about your situation and come up with options to avoid a public and embarrassing arrest.

Free Services by a CT Bail Bond Company

  • Free private consultation
  • Free warrant check
  • Free bail bond verification
  • Attorney referrals
  • Immigration bonds
  • Financing available

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Remember, you can turn yourself in (TSI) to any police department or court on your own time with a bail bondsman. Once you contact the bail company or agent, they are able to verify bail amounts and charges in most cases. Avoid being handcuffed in public at work or in court. Take care of your active warrant right now, call 3-D Bail Agents, we are open 24 hours, 7 days.

3-D Bail Bonds, Inc.

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