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Holiday Drunk Driving 2017 & DUI Checkpoints

Holiday Drunk driving 2017

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A lot of people like to have a drink during the Holiday Season and this year is no exception. It’s a time to unwind and have a good time with friends and family. But, you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks. Driving under the influence is risky and unnecessary.

Holiday Drunk driving 2017

Busiest year for car traffic on record

The traffic on Connecticut roads is busier than ever. According to the AAA, this year will be the busiest on record, with more people traveling by car. As always motorists are being advised to exercise caution, keeping a safe distance and following traffic laws, especially with the increased traffic.
In Connecticut, beginning December 22 and through the New Year’s Holiday, state police will have DUI checkpoints (also known as sobriety checkpoints) throughout the state. Police will have additional officers patrolling designated points on all roads and highways.

What are DUI checkpoints?

DUI checkpoints are mobile blocks where police will stop traffic, randomly and not in relation to any specific suspicions. Drivers are stopped briefly for an interview and any drivers suspected of drinking may be given a sobriety test.
Police DUI checkpoints are legal, thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling which overruled a lower court decision that a police officer should have probable cause to stop a driver. DUI checkpoints must be publicized ahead of time and police must follow guidelines from the National Highway Safety Transportation Board.
Be aware that you may be asked for a random breath test as the state police department aims to reduce the number of accidents and DUIs during the holidays.
You can learn about where the DUI checkpoints for Connecticut are on DUIBlock.

Top tips for staying safe on the roads

Please, never consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel. Call a taxi or Uber, or take public transportation if you are not in a safe and legal condition to drive. Make sure that all passengers are belted in before setting off on your journey. Keep within a safe distance and always keep to the speed limits.
It’s also a good idea to be prepared for unexpected winter weather. Keep provisions in your car such as blankets and a shovel in-case you get stuck.

If you do get arrested for any reason, call 3-D Bail Bonds at 860-247-2455. We’re available 24 hours a day throughout the entire Holiday Season. From all of us here at 3-D Bail Bonds, please have a safe and Happy Holiday Season.