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How Fugitive Recovery Agency Managed to Overcome Pandemic Challenges

“2020 brought many challenges for the Fugitive Recovery Agency, Inc. (FRA) to overcome. From a global pandemic to civil unrest, the team of fugitive recovery agents consistently demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and strength. As a team they will continue to meet more challenges in 2021.”

How CT Fugitive Recovery Agents Worked During a Pandemic

Fugitive Recovery Agents provide bail bond agencies the service to find absconders and return them to court. 2020 was not different. Local companies like 3-D Bail Bonds will secure your investment by taken upon the responsibility to bring defendants who missed court back to Justice even during a pandemic.

CT Fugitive Recovery Agents’ job was already difficult, dangerous, and viewed with distrust by some community members. The COVID-19 pandemic added new challenges to their day to day lives. Some of the things they have taken for granted included access to restaurants, public businesses, and even gas stations were at the time closed and not available.

The lack of access to some services involved securing short trips when possible. Developing new relationships and more connections with local businesses became a new habit. Other changes involved staying inside vehicles for longer hours because public places were closed. Agents had to be wearing protective gears when accessing public places while in uniform during the social unrest.

Defendants Brought To Police By FRA Being Released

An interesting finding when speaking to Fugitive Recovery Agency was that at times their services were even being restricted at police stations. The agents say “the constraints resulted in our detainments being released on a PTA (Promise to Appear) rather than accepted for custody, arrest, and processing. Regardless of your perception of the pandemic, the fear is real and has created a real impact. This fear even challenged the typically cooperative relationship with the police departments.”

FRA Agent goes on with saying “the reduction in support services for our agents out on the job caused some concern. But it was increased when the pandemic was weaponized by people who didn’t want to talk to us. Our agents learned new techniques on how to talk to people. We added thermometers to our toolkits to help overcome fears about the agents being infected by COVID-19 while checking detainees’ symptoms prior to bringing them to police departments. Our procedures continue to have logs with dates and times and now also temperature checks.”

COVID-19 Risk When Capturing Absconders

In the course of their job, they are forced into situations where agents may be in close contact with potentially infected people. Although they take risk mitigation measures (sanitizing gear, wearing masks, personal hygiene, and symptom monitoring), they still must deal with the weight of what the potential exposure has on their families and co-workers. “Our families should not be potentially exposed to COVID because an angry detainee coughed on an agent to avoid being detained” the team shares.

Social Unrest and Fugitive Recovery

The excessive pressure the agents are forced to work under due to COVID-19 is heightened by the fear that the community they serve would also target them while on the job. The civil unrest they have seen created a real threat to private investigators and bail enforcement agencies like the Fugitive Recovery Agency. The agents witnessed attacks while inside their vehicle during a company Zoom meeting. The team saw Fugitive Recovery Agents being spit at, threatened, and yelled at in real time. This resulted in additional agents being used just for security. Regardless of training and equipment on hand, being out-numbered and the focus of an aggressive crowd is frightening.

Although the stress and fear became almost unbearable at times, these agents remain dedicated to their mission. CT Bail Enforcement Agent concludes with these words “we adapted and we overcame. We learned new procedures with our local police stations which consequently created stronger relationships.”

The CT Fugitive Recovery Agency, Inc. team continues to be successful as a team even during these trying times.

This post was contributed by licensed and experienced fugitive recovery agents from the Fugitive Recovery Agency in Connecticut. Thank you for sharing with us.

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