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Increased Crime in Hamden and New Haven CT Today

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Increased Crime in Southern Connecticut

Crime in Hamden and New Haven Reaching High Levels During Pandemic

All over the country, crime has been on an unprecedented rise caused by the global pandemic that hit in early 2020. Connecticut towns aren’t an exception, and many have seen increased crime in their neighborhoods starting from the first quarter of 2020. Listed among the top are Hamden and New Haven crime rates. Located only miles apart from one another, the specific region encompassing these two cities have seen major spikes in crime throughout the past year that have carried over into 2021.

Crime in Hamden CT Spikes

Hamden is a medium sized town that has a safety index of 20, meaning that the town is safer than 20% of all U.S cities. It’s violent crime rate is 3.29 while it’s property crime rate is 21.93, making its overall total 25.22. Sudden increase of crime in Hamden has residents alarmed. Frequent crimes committed in the town are robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, and motor vehicle thefts.

Recently, there has been a large surge in armed street robberies and car thefts. In December 2020, there were three armed robberies that occurred within 30 minutes of each other in Hamden. In November 2020, the town recorded 70 car thefts and 10 street robberies. These crimes haven’t stopped in the new year, and in January and February of 2021 some large felonies have already occurred. This includes a car stolen with a 6-month old baby inside, two women robbed at gunpoint, and three robberies happening in only one weekend.

Crime in New Haven Still High

New Haven crime on the other side carries similar crime statistics to Hamden, given their close proximity to one another. New Haven is a larger city in Connecticut, with a safety index of 4; it’s safer than about 4% of towns in the U.S. It’s violent crime rate is 9.00 and it’s property crime rate is 40.28, making New Haven’s overall total 49.27.

Recent crimes from the city are diverse in their doing. In November 2020, five people were convicted on federal drug charges for illegally distributing cocaine throughout the city. There have been many reported shootings throughout New Haven, occurring frequently throughout November, December, and beginning in early 2021. The town also recorded its highest amount of homicides and gun crime in 2020 than they have in years.

Efforts Taken to Reduce Crime in Hamden and New Haven

This increase of crime has been driven through 2020 for many reasons, most linking back to COVID-19. When the pandemic began, many police officers were laid off because of budgeting issues. Now, with more crime being reported during the pandemic, there aren’t enough police officers to respond to crime scenes. Nonetheless, Hamden and New Haven communities are coming together to find a way to solve this threat to public safety.

The new two key measures the cities have taken to reduce crime are the following. First they have increased the presence of police around areas that are known to be hotspots for gun violence, and second, They set up a round-table type conference with the towns’ police chief, mayor, and other officials called Crime Prevention and Community Resolutions Discussions.

Under this crime prevention discussions in the form of a virtual live meeting, residents can join in, listen to discussions, and submit their questions. The aim of these discussions is to update citizens on current crime statistics, and to offer transparency to residents of the town.

Crime in Hamden and almost non stop local crimes are the top priority for Hamden police. See their updated monthly report for January.

Officials from Hamden and New Haven have also joined together with those from North Haven and East Haven to handle the large uptick in crime found in their region. Their goal is to not only reduce crime in their towns, but to also reassure the public that this increase isn’t going unnoticed, and that officials are doing their best to keep residents as safe as possible.