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How To Escape From Prison… But Legally

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Now, before you get any ideas, this is not going to be an article detailing how to dig a hole from a jail cell to the freeway or blast through bars with some crazy chemical concoction. However, there are legal ways to escape from prison even when you are sentenced.

Interested? That’s great. Continue reading below to find the three ways to get out of jail faster, no tunnel digging or dummies required.

Legal Ways to Escape from Prison

The Benefits of Good Behavior

You’ve probably heard about how good behavior can shorten a prison sentence. This is true. Being cooperative and staying out of trouble can get you out of jail a lot faster. 

According to prisonfellowship.orgState laws usually, direct corrections departments to determine the specifics of how earned time credits are awarded in relation to particular programs or activities”. Currently, inmates can shorten their prison sentences by earning credits for good behavior. Inmates can earn up to 54 days per year while in jail.

As an example, if you were sentenced to five years in prison, but played by the rules and behaved well, you could be released after 4.25 years. That number could even increase. New bills are often put forth that push for more good behavior credits. In other words, it pays to behave. No sense making things worse and ending up in prison even longer than necessary.

Using Your Time to Recover from Addiction

Another way to potentially lower a prison sentence is by completing an addiction recovery program. In Connecticut, there are many rehab centers. Here is a list for you.

Although putting people in jail is meant to be seen as a punishment and as a way to keep dangerous people off the streets, it is also hoped that time in jail can be spent correcting behavior so that future criminal activity is less likely.

In some cases, it might be possible to skip prison time altogether by enrolling in, and completing, an approved course of addiction recovery. However, even if you do still end up in jail, more and more states are incorporating in-house treatment programs into their facilities and proper completion of one of these programs could shave some time off of your original prison sentence.

Put in Some Hard Work as a Trustee

A third way to possibly shorten your sentence is to become a prison trustee. If you meet certain qualifications like a history of good behavior, a low bond, and a non-violent conviction, you can volunteer to work as a trustee for the prison. This means that you will be assigned work to do around the prison, things like painting walls, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the garbage, and sometimes even kitchen work.

If you maintain your good behavior record and do good work as a trustee, you can often use that work and history for a shorter prison sentence. Once again, good behavior and a strong work ethic can go a long way toward getting you home sooner. This post was originally featured by our fellow agents at Bad Boys Bail Bonds out of Utah.