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Ten More Reasons To Post Bail

what not to do after posting a bail bond

It’s not always easy to make the decision on whether to post someone’s bail for them. There is a number of reasons why people may be reluctant to pay for a friend or family member’s bail. But there are many more reasons why bailing them out will help them and you.

Bailing someone out of jail can be the starting point to turning their life around.  They have so much to gain from being out. We already covered some of this in our top 10 reasons to post bail – Part 1.

But there are many more benefits to posting bail, which we are covering here today, including:

      1. Better access to resources:

        It can be much easier to arrange meetings with lawyers and get access to other help and information outside of jail.

      2. Get them help, if they need it:

        Jails are poor at providing care and support when individuals need it, most notably mental health services.  Outside of jail, defendants can access the resources they need to get help.

      3. It’s safer for our loved one out of jail than in jail:

        Jails are full of people of varying inclinations to violence, making jails an unsafe place to be. Jails are filled with people of questionable values and integrity. They can be a negative influence on a vulnerable loved one. Jails are rife with drugs too.

      4. Better for their mind-set:

        Being in jail is not a relaxing experience. It’s not good for a person’s mind-set and doesn’t put them in the right frame of mind to prepare themselves for court hearings.

      5. It’s more confidential:

        If your loved one is bailed out, it’s less likely that people will notice they were missing, and start asking questions.  Posting bail helps them to keep things quiet for them and for you.

      6. Keep on top of finances:

        If they have financial commitments which might be missed, this could cause significant problems for the defendant. If the defendant is related to you, those problems might become yours.

      7. Stay up to date with education:

        For younger people, still in school or college, missing their education could have a serious effect on their future and possibly even jeopardize their qualifications to get a good job.

      8. Refundable: 

        If you post bail directly to the prison (without a bondsman)  you most likely will have to pay the full bail amount which is refundable.  You do assume the risk of the defendant skipping dates and jumping bail. Using a bail agent reduces your cost and transfers the risk to them.

      9. Cheaper than you think:

        Most bail bondsmen in the US are capped for how much they can charge to post bail. In Connecticut, this is 10% of the total bail amount up to $5,000 and 7% above $5,000.

      10. Put your tax dollars to better use:

        Do you want your tax dollars going to keeping the defendant behind bars, or would you rather they were spent on healthcare or other vital services?


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