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July 4th Fireworks in Connecticut Should Light up the Sky, Not your Rear View Mirror

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Fireworks in Connecticut should light up the sky not your rearview window, we are just sayin’

We know sometimes arrests are imminent, they can happen for any reason. One recent common cause of arrests is the use of illegal fireworks. With the fourth of July and summer activities approaching, it’s important to know which fireworks are legal in Connecticut. Life can change in a matter of minutes when you or someone you love ends up arrested, we see it every day.

Fourth of July in Connecticut

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July 4th fireworks in Connecticut should light up the sky and not your rearview mirror

Across the country, patriotic Americans will proudly wear red, white, and blue to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day, the fourth of July. These celebrations may include barbecues, parades, and fireworks. See below which fireworks can be used legally, make sure these fireworks light up the sky and not your rearview mirror!

Which Fireworks Are Legal in Connecticut?

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Woman holding a sparkler, firework allowed in Connecticut

Almost all fireworks are illegal in Connecticut. Residents of the Constitution State need to be aware that these laws are very rigid. There are only two types of firework you can legally use in Connecticut. These kinds are sparklers and non-aerial fountains that contain less than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture for each individual item. The age requirement in the law states that anyone using legally permitted fireworks must be age 16 and up.

3-D Bail Bonds is warning residents of the dangers of using fireworks not just for the possibility of getting injured but also to remind that most fireworks in Connecticut are illegal. Avoid the police lighting up your rearview window because you are found using illegal fireworks. 

Connecticut Locations Hosting 4th of July Fireworks

During COVID-19 many Connecticut towns have shut down large events like fireworks and fourth of July celebrations.

The town of Waterbury is keeping the event so far and is scheduled for July 5th, 2020, see more details here.

Our licensed Connecticut bail bond agents will be available 24 hours to post bail on the fourth of July and the holiday weekend. For an immediate emergency response from a local bondsman in Connecticut please call 860-247-2245 or call toll free 800-570-5544. We will be open and serving every city and police station on July 4th.