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How to Post Bail for Someone Without Leaving your Home

“Online Bail Bonds Processing – Post Bail From Your Home 24 hours”

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“It’s about 7:30 a.m. and you are leaving for work when suddenly a call or a text tells you that a beloved friend has been incarcerated following a traffic stop”. You can not believe it. You most likely question the accuracy of that information knowing your friend has never dealt with the police. This situation is a common one. A long-forgotten court date or an unpaid fine could cause the arrest of someone. No matter what the cause here is when bail bondsmen can help by allowing you to post bail from home. You can process everything from home or from your job.

How to post bail bonds for someone without leaving your home in 3 easy steps:

  1.  Call a bondsman 860-247-2245 (all consultations are free)
  2.  Fill bail bonds forms online and pay the fee online or by phone
  3.  Arrange transportation for the person released through Uber or Lyft

Posting bail bonds from home are not uncommon on the contrary, families located out of state use this method all the time. Online bail bonds at 3-D Bail Bonds are easy and simple. Here are more details about the processing.

Can I post bail for someone without leaving my home?

Yes. You can absolutely handle the bail processing from home or from your job. 3-D Bail Bonds agents are equipped to manage paperwork online. A cosigner ( person willing to sign for someone on a bail bond) will need to fill out and sign the cosigner form. To do this from home you will need access to a computer or a phone. Using a phone screen may be a little challenging so we would recommend using a desktop instead. Once the form is filled and signed electronically you must send it back to us via fax or email. You can pay the fees online on our website or over the phone using a credit or debit card. Once everything is received we verify the information and will provide receipts and copies through texts or email or regular mail, whichever you prefer.

Can the bondsman pick up my loved one and drive him home?

Even though we wouldn’t mind offering a quick ride to our customers, we are subject to insurance policies and are unable to do so. However with so many options for rides these days, there are plenty of choices to pay ahead for someone’s ride. You can use Uber, Lyft and local taxi services. Unfortunately, some correctional centers in Connecticut require a person to pick up the prisoner released from jail. In that case, we would notify you ahead of time so you can make arrangements. You should know that if you are trying to bail someone out of the Hartford correctional, they can walk to our office (2-min walk from Hartford jail) after being released and wait for you at our office.

What happens after the bond is posted and my loved one is released?

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Man released from prison by a friend posting bail bonds without leaving their home

After someone is released on bail, this defendant must comply by attending all court hearings and any other stipulation a judge may have imposed prior to the release. If you sign for a loved one, you must make sure this person attends their court dates.

Stay in touch to make sure you know their whereabouts in case they fail to appear in court. When financing bail bonds in Connecticut cosigners and defendant are responsible for any bail bond balance.

If your family needs to find a bail bondsman in Hartford Connecticut, turn to 3-D Bail Bonds. Based in Hartford but with agents all over the state, we’re fully incorporated and available 24/7 for total convenience. Our bail bondsmen are located strategically throughout the state to make every bail bond possible in minutes. Call 860-247-2245 we are open 24 hours, 7 days.

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