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Meriden Crimes Statistics for 2018

Meriden crime statistics for 2018, the crime rate in Meriden, crimes ct

Meriden CT is located half-way between New Haven and Hartford, hence the name Meriden. Although settled in 1661, it was not incorporated as a city until 1867. Meriden is known for its many colonial buildings, many dating back to the 1700s. The oldest building, the Solomon Goffe house, was built in 1711 and is now home a museum on North Colony Rd.

Other notable facts about Meriden include:

  • The Meriden Post Office built in 1939 is on the National Registry of Historical places.
  • It is home to several historical cemeteries, dating back to 1727.
  • It’s the home town of New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle John Jenkins.

Crime Rate in Meriden, CT

2018 Meriden Crimes Statistics are high compared to other cities. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Meriden is 1 in 269. In Connecticut is 1 in 439.

Today, Meriden is burdened with the thriving illicit drug industry. Crime due to drug trade is a big problem here. Although the overall crime rate for a city its size is average, it’s violent crime rate, murder, rape, assault, robbery, is higher than the average city in the US of similar size.

For example:

Murder 2 or .03 of 1000 population

Rape 29 or .48 of 1000    population

The murder rate is slightly lower than the .05 National rate and the rate for rape is slightly higher than the National rate of .42. The 58 robberies work out to a rate of .97, which is almost identical to the National rate of .98. Assaults in Meriden is also close to the National average of .97. With 134 assaults, Meriden falls below the National average, 2.24 to 2.48.

Property crime rates mirror the nation. In 2018 there were 277 burglaries (4.62), comparable to the nation’s 4.3. The rate of thefts was slightly better than the national average, 16.35 for Meriden, 16.94 for the U.S. The 175 motor vehicle thefts produced an average, 2.92, that was higher than the average for the nation, which was 2.37

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