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Old Saybrook Crimes Statistics for 2018

Old Saybrook Connecticut is a coastal community bordering the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. It was founded in 1644, making it one of the oldest communities in the United States. Old Saybrook has called itself home to several notable celebrities including basketball star Vin Baker, actor Art Carney and actress Katherine Hepburn.

Old Saybrook Crime Rate

One thing Old Saybrook is not known for is its crime rate. It should be. With a rate of 8 out of 1000, Old Saybrook has one of the lowest crime rates in America. The chances of someone becoming a victim of a crime, either violent or property, is just 1 in 121. That is lower than 75% of all communities in the United States. The American average for every community is 1 in 36.

If becoming a victim of violent crime is a concern for you, move to Old Saybrook. The chance of becoming a victim of violent crime is a stunning 1 in 5066. The community of just over 10,000 residents is one of the safest in America.

Here are all the numbers by crime category for 2018:

Murder – 0

Rape – 0

Robbery – 0

Assault – 2

Property crime in Old Saybrook is almost as non-existent.

Burglaries – 6, a rate of .59/1000. The national rate is 4.3/1000

Theft – 72, a rate of 7.11 against a national rate of 16.74

Vehicle theft – 4 or a rate of .39 compared to a national rate of 2.37

Old Saybrook Population: Of course, there are reasons why Old Saybrook is so safe. First is the average age of the population. Almost 50% of Old Saybrook’s population is over age 55. Bordered by water to the south and east and towns of similar demographics in the towns west and north, Old Saybrook is not likely to import crime from nearby locations.

Education and economics are other factors. Virtually every resident has graduated high school and almost 50% of residents have at least some college education. The average household income of 74,184 is 29% over the national average of 57,652.

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