Daniel Toner professional agent


As President, Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of 3-D Bail Bonds, Dan’s primary responsibility is overseeing the overall operation of the business. He is very proud of the team of professionals he has assembled at 3-D and takes great satisfaction in having had a hand in their career development in the bail profession. 

3-D Bail Bonds, Inc. was established in 1997 and is one of Connecticut’s largest and most professional bail bond retail operators. Before launching 3-D with his two partners, Dan worked as a bail agent, learning the business from the ground up.

Prior to the bail bond industry, he had a successful career in banking where he worked in various risk and collections management positions.

Dan Toner is a founding member of the Bail Association of Connecticut (BAC), a member of the Professional Bondsmen of the United States (PBUS), The American Bail Coalition (ABC), and a charter member of The Alternative Board of Greater Hartford (TAB) which is a private membership organization consisting of local business owners who work diligently to grow and improve their businesses as well as their business practices.

Dan, his wife Sheri, his son and her two children live in Hartford County, where he grew up.

One of the major issues facing the Connecticut Judicial System today is the inability for many to afford bail and they end up waiting in jail, sometimes for many months, while defending their case.  Dan believe justice to those accused of a crime as well as society is best served when bail amounts are set more reasonably so the accused has the opportunity to return to their family while awaiting their court dates.  The bail bond profession is the only form of pre-trial release that ensures accused individuals appear in court, therefore, the overall cost to CT residents is reduced when the bail system is allowed to function properly and as it has for hundreds of years. 

Dan Toner can be reached by phone at (860) 247-2245
or by email at dtoner@3dbailbonds.com