Peter Czuchra bail bondsman
Peter Czuchra, Bondsman

Licensed Bail Bondsman in New London

Peter Czuchra, licensed bail bondsman in the New London area. He has been posting bail bonds in New London County and the Shoreline for over seven years now. Peter, known as the New London bondsman, lives by police departments and correctional centers, apparently. As he often jokes “ I’m still in jail” while waiting for a defendant to be released.

Prior to bail bonds, he was part of the entertainment world hosting parties by the shoreline as “DJ Peter”. Occasionally he’ll escape the jails to host a party or two, especially during the summer. He’s well known for his love for music.

When it comes to posting bail bonds in New London, Peter is the bondsman who will do everything possible to secure the release of your loved one as fast as possible. He’s well-informed about convenient times to post bail at the CT correctional centers as well New London courts and nearby police departments including New London, Waterford Niantic Westbrook, and every town in between. Peter is well always prepared with the most up-to-date paperwork needed at each facility.

Peter Czuchra has a passion for music and also enjoys dancing. 

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For the fastest and closest bail bonds in the shoreline, call peter at 860-772-2006. Visit us online or find our New London location at 3-D Bail Bonds and learn more about affordable local services. In need of bail services in another town, find our Connecticut offices here.

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