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The Holiday Season and the Bondsman’s Life

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“A bondsman must be available 24 hours, 7 days holidays and weekends – customers appreciate it”

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In 2003 Jason, a bondsman licensed for about five years at the time received a call about a 17-year-old incarcerated at the Bridgeport Correctional Center also knows as the Bridgeport jail. The young man was being held in lieu of a $75,000 bail bond. The grandmother and father were desperate to get him out of jail as he had never been arrested before.

As the bail agent met the father and grandmother of young “Johnny”, they were a little calmer and felt positive knowing that the bail bondsman would post bail for the young man insuring they could be reunited again. Sometimes if a person has warrants in other cities or states, these warrants become an obstacle to the bond process. While those cases are rare, they can happen. Fortunately, on that day everything went fine and Johnny went home with his family.

Johnny was ultimately sentenced to do time in jail. His grandma kept in touch with him and the bail bondsman via letters and calls. She would share how things were going with her grandson in prison.

Around Christmas of 2004, Jason, the bondsman received a Christmas card from the grandmother, Barbara. She sent him a handwritten message with a little update of how Johnny was doing and how thankful she was for everything Jason had done since the day of the bond.

Since then every year around Christmas time, Jason the bail bondsman received a Christmas card from Barbara. Throughout the years he learned that Johnny had moved to Texas, got married and had kids. He also learned that the Grandmother had moved around to Maine, Florida and a few other places. Knowing that this young man had turned his life around to be a good citizen made Jason feel good about his job and the importance of being there for people like Johnny and Barbara.

bail bondsman life
Jason, Bail Bondsman – 3-D Bail Bonds

In 2017, the bondsman did not receive his usual holiday card. He sent a letter to the address from the prior year and a few months later he learned that Barbara had passed away. 

For us, bondsmen we see it all, sadness, happiness, excitement, tears, love and manage to come home to our loved ones leaving endless days there, at work.

Happy Holidays, from your bondsmen