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Hartford Correctional Center – North Meadows, Hartford CT

Hartford Correctional Center Fact Check

The Hartford Correctional Center is located at 177 Weston St. Hartford, CT. Prior to Weston Street, the Hartford state jail was located on Morgan Street in the downtown Hartford area. Today, the Hartford Correctional center is across the street from 3-D Bail Bonds headquarters, at 57 Fishfry St 2nd floor in Hartford. The prison facility opened its doors in 1977 with additional dorms added between 1990 and 1991.

Find the prison within walking distance from 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford office. See map below.

State of Connecticut: Department of Corrections, Hartford Correctional’s Warden, Ned McCormick

The Hartford Correctional holds mostly pre-trial inmates who are not sentenced. But they usually have a few inmates sentenced doing short sentences housed there. They call them “Permanent Parties.” This level 4, high-security urban jail serves superior courts in Enfield, Hartford, Manchester, Middletown, New Britain, and Rockville.

hartford correctional center bail bonds service in Hartford CT
Hartford Correctional Center located across 3-D Bail Bonds in the North Meadows area.


This Hartford jail is a security 4 Level prison in Connecticut. This facility holds up to Level 4 male inmates. Inmate population changes by the day, sometimes by the hour. Usually, this facility has over 800 people regularly.

There is a security housing unit or protective custody in this prison. They have dorms and cell living for inmates. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served within the facility. In-person visits currently are no contact visits through glass via phone.

Smoking is not allowed within the Connecticut Department of Corrections.

What can inmates have access to while incarcerated at the Hartford Correctional Center or North Meadows Prison?

Here is a list of a few things inmates can have access to while incarcerated at the Hartford, CT Corrections center.

Inmates can receive mail

Inmates can make collect calls

Inmates can receive magazines if they come directly from the magazine or Amazon

Inmates can receive photos as long as they are not Polaroid type. They cannot contain nudity or gang affiliation.

Access to inmate accounts or “Books” see how inmate accounts work

Inmates can have jobs within the facility

Trusted inmates aka “Trustees” are allowed to work outside the walls of this Hartford jail

Professional visits from an attorney

The corrections’ facility will bring unsentenced inmates to their court appearances as requested by the Judicial Branch

Counselors are assigned to inmates

Medical and dental services

Prescription medication

Access to barber services

Hartford Correctional Bail Bonds

The closest Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional service is at 3-D Bail Bonds (1- min. walk).

The hours for posting Hartford Correctional bail bonds are from 8 a.m. till 10.p.m. at night. The bail bondsman looking to bail someone out must get in the lobby by 9:30 pm latest. Here is a video showing the bail process at Hartford jails by 3-D Bail Bonds.

Hartford CC does not have a bond officer on the weekends.

Without records on weekends, bail bonds may take longer than usual. While there is no bond officer at Hartford correctional during weekends, bail is possible. 3-D Bail Bonds offers bail bonds Hartford Correctional service weekends and holidays 24/7. Here are four tips to save you time when bailing someone out of this corrections center.

Once inmates are released, they will walk out the Fishfry St side of the facility. When families cannot wait for them, inmates released by our agents are welcome to wait at our Hartford office lobby, located across the Hartford prison. We follow all CDC protocols and guidance to protect you and our agents.

Hartford Prison Programs include the following:

Drug addiction

Religious services by civilian volunteers (pastors and priests)

Adult education

To access the full list at the Hartford Correctional Center you can visit their website online or check this list, more programs at Hartford prison

Interesting Fact: Once an inmate enters a corrections center in Connecticut, they are issued an inmate identification card. The inmate number is given for life. Whether the defendant is bailed out or re-enters the prison, he or she will have the same inmate number.

To learn more about 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional services, visit our website or stop by our local bail bonds office today.