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Hartford Crime Rate in 2019

Hartford Crime Rate in 2019

hartford crime rate

Some Good News for Hartford’s Crime Rate in 2019

While Hartford, CT continued to be one of the most dangerous American cities in 2019, there were improvements in some violent Hartford crime rates. While overall the city’s crime rate was lower, some crimes like assaults increased. Take murders for instance.

In 2019, 21 people were murdered in Hartford, a significant decrease from the previous year when 29 people were homicide victims. The total number of reported robberies was also down, from 466 in 2018 to 355 in 2019. That is a considerable decrease.  The number of rapes was also down in Hartford, from 53 in 2018 to 45 in 2019. The only violent crime category that showed an increase was assault charges. In 2019 there were 884 assaults in the city, an 10% increase over 2018’s total of 804.

High Hartford Crime Rate

hartford crime rate in 2019

Despite the improvement, Hartford’s violent crime rate of 10.71/100 is still 5 times higher than Connecticut’s and 2.5 times higher than the US average of 4/1000.

Speaking to the Hartford Courant in January, Mayor Luke Bronin said “We’ve seen some significant reductions in several types of crime over the last four years, but we continue to see far too much gun violence, which often arises from very personal disputes. We’re particularly focused on identifying and interrupting disputes that lead to violence among young people.”

Property Crime Down to 4.94

The property crime rate numbers showed improvement as well n 2019 according to neighborhood scout. The burglary rate dropped from 5.98 to 4.94 and the number of thefts dropped from 28.3 to 25.21. There was a modest increase in car thefts, from 5.50/1000 to 6.04/1000.

Regardless of the decreased Hartford crime rate, the city is still considered the most dangerous city in Connecticut and one of the most dangerous in the United States. Its crime rate of 46.91/1000 is higher than 95% of US cities. Due partly to Hartford’s small area and dense population, its crime rate per square mile is astronomical compared to Connecticut’s as a whole, 318/mile compared to 19/mile statewide. The comparison to the national average isn’t much better. The US average is 31 crimes per mile.

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