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Best Insights to Post a Bail Bond Hartford Downtown

In a blink of an eye, an arrest happened. Your friend was arrested by local police, and now you need to learn how to post bail bonds in Hartford. You are left with questions like what do I do next? Should I follow the police cruiser to the police station? Can I get him out of jail myself? Do I need a Hartford bail bonds service? Who can process someone’s bail? Is there a bail bonds near me? What happens after the person is bailed out of a Hartford jail? Take a deep breath, we’ll do our best to provide the best insights about how to post bail bonds in Hartford downtown.

How to Post Bail Bonds in Hartford, What No One Has Shared

3-D Bail Bonds and our local team of bail bondsmen offer free guidance and 24-hour bail bonds assistance in Hartford. Let’s dive into the details about processing bail bonds in Hartford, Connecticut.

how to post bail bonds in Hartford
Hartford, CT police department. Picture taken by 3-D Bail Bonds’ Hartford Bondsman (front entrance – nighttime)

The process of bail bonds in Hartford is a little different. The information below can improve anyone’s experience of visiting the Hartford Police Department, especially if they may be in need of bailing someone out of any Hartford detention centers. 3-D Bail Bonds offers local bail bonds services day and night throughout Hartford County and the state of Connecticut.

How to post bail bonds in Hartford, CT Jails

  • This is how to post bail bonds in Hartford. First, you need to know where to go. The Hartford Police Department is at 253 High St. in Hartford (see website). Park in the lot in front of a visitor’s spot and go inside the police station. If your loved one is arrested at the Connecticut State Police Troop H (see more), you will need to go to 100 Washington Street. Walk back to the police station, located set back from the street. Press the intercom button, and you will be buzzed into the lobby. Subsequently, you can speak with an officer, trooper or dispatcher in the lobby to ask if your loved one is there. This is when you can ask if there is a bail bond set and how much it is. Ultimately, you will then need the service of a local Connecticut agency or bail bondsman who is licensed to process bail bonds in Hartford.

Where to process the Hartford bail bond

  • CT bail bonds must be posted at the police department. However, you will need a bondsman. You can call a bondsman at 3-D Bail Bonds Hartford at 860-247-2245 or visit them at 57 Fishfry St, located across the street from the Hartford Correctional Center. The agent will explain more of the Hartford bail bond process. You will need the fee, identification and will need to sign responsibility for the person you are bailing out. If you do not get them out, they will go to court at GA 14 on the soonest court date. At court, the judge will reevaluate the bail during the arraignment. If they are not released at court, they will go to the Hartford Correctional until their next court date.

When can you post the bail

  • You can post a bail bond in Hartford as soon as the defendant has been processed at the Hartford police station. A bondsman can process their release from any local Hartford jail or any other prison in Connecticut. Often times, if the bail bonds company is monitoring the process closely, the bail agents can start processing the bond and accelerate their release even before the booking is done. By knowing the bail amount, the bail agent can disclose the fees, the lowest down payments and cosigners that may be required.

How long can a person arrested spend at the Hartford police department?

  • A person under arrest at the Hartford Police Department would only spend a night at this jail, or sometimes only hours if there is enough time to be brought to the local courthouse the same day. Consequently, the defendant may spend anywhere from 1 day up to about 30 days before another court date. Besides that, at the next court date, the judge will either change the conditions of release or returned the defendant to the Corrections Center. Because of this, the defendant’s case will be continued to another date.
  • In the end, most cases take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to finish. The defendant may receive credit for time served and many times prosecutors offer to take a plea bargain in exchange for release after time has gone on. 

bail bonds in Hartford jails

Knowing how to post bail bonds in Hartford after facing criminal charges is essential to ease the stress carried by dealing with local Hartford police and law enforcement, This is a chaotic situation for all involved to say the least.

For this reason, 3-D Bail Bonds’ number one priority is their customers. We care about our customers and their personal situation. See what they’re saying about us online, read some of the latest five-star Hartford bail bonds reviews. Our goal is to help in any way we can. Whether it is a question answered, a free phone call or a bail bond posted, we will be there for you 24/7. Find us in Hartford at 57 Fishfry St across the Hartford Correctional facility.