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October 1st 2020 Arrived with New CT Laws

New CT Laws Effective October 1st 2020, What You Need to Know

“If you live or work in Connecticut here is what you should know about these new CT laws effective October 1st of 2020”

New ct laws effective October 1st
Outside view of the Bristol CT Police Department

The controversial parts of the Police Accountability Bill that included changes to qualified immunity won’t go into effect until next year. However the laws that start in effect as of October 1st include new restrictions on searches and assign responsibility to a new independent office to oversee and investigate deadly use of force by police. This set of new laws comes after strong opposition by the law enforcement community.

These New CT Laws Effective October 1st include the following:

Police searches following traffic violation stop

As of October 1st, Connecticut police cannot search the driver’s car after the driver has been stopped for a traffic violation. The police may search the car if they have probable cause or they receive unsolicited consent. Another important point in this law is that police can only ask drivers to show their driver license, registration and insurance and nothing else.

Duty to intervene when witnessing excessive use of force

new ct laws
Male arrested and handcuffed standing outside car

Fellow police and correctional officers may be charged with the same crimes if they don’t intervene when witnessing unreasonable excessive use of force or illegal actions by another colleague. The law also states that departments cannot retaliate towards officers who intervene.

Reporting false crimes

Those reporting false crimes or misusing the 911 system will face harsh penalties especially if the report is found to be motivated by race. This new CT law effective October 1st comes after findings of falsely reporting crimes based on race or ethnicity in the local communities.

Security guards

Police officers who lose their state certification cannot apply for a license to become security guards as of October 1st in Connecticut.

New Inspector General’s office

The new law created an Inspector’s General office to investigate the use of force used by police and if it was justified.

Nail technicians

Nail technicians can apply for licenses. All nail technicians must be licensed by January 1st of 2021 and they fee is $100.

Besides the strong opposition by police and their representatives this set of new CT laws are effective as of October 1st of 2020 in the state of Connecticut. The law enforcement community is warning that theses changes would most likely affect police recruitment negatively and force veterans to seek retirement.

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