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Can you Get Arrested for Spitting on a Connecticut Police Officer?

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spitting on a police officer Coughing on someone on purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic in Connecticut can be considered a 2nd-degree assault. It can easily be logged in as a felony. Especially if the statements of being a carrier of the novel coronavirus are true. Whether you coughed on a police officer or tried to spit on them during an arrest, you can be charged with class E felonies. “Law enforcement officials are considering such behavior criminal acts that deserve stiff charges and prison sentences,” says Criminal Defense Attorney, Nick Oberheiden. In some instances, these charges can lead to up to 4 years in prison.

2nd-degree assault, interfering and harassing charges are possible

A Connecticut police officer was coughed on during an arrest in Hamden this past weekend according to NBC Connecticut. The offender was charged with criminal attempt to assault a police officer, interfering with police, larceny, and criminal trespass. Held on a $25,000 bail with a later court date for July as a consequence. While each case is different, you could get arrested for spitting on a police officer and end up in need of a bondsman service.

Lawmakers are pushing for harsh consequences

It’s at least once a week the local and national news release reports of officers being spat on or coughed on while offenders are shouting to be COVID-19 positive. The Reuters on a national level released earlier lawmakers’ discussions on whether the states will move to criminalize the weaponization of the novel coronavirus. In fact, in New Jersey, Republican Senator Kristin Corrado’s bill to punish anyone convicted of threatening to spread COVID-19 with up to 10 years behind bars and a $150,000 fine was before the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee this week. “To those who think it is cheeky to pull a sick prank like this – you will suffer the consequences of your poor decisions,” Corrado said in a statement.

Connecticut police and COVID-19

Being a Connecticut police officer is tough as it is. Police officers, EMTs, and correctional staff have to respond to every emergency call and assist dangerous situations risking their own lives every day. During a pandemic, they may be heading out to help someone who is infected with the virus.

COVID-19 shouldn’t be used as a criminal weapon on police or grocery workers or anyone. The virus has killed nearly 90,000 lives in the US. Without a vaccine, Americans’ only weapon is social distance.

3-D Bail Bonds calls for a sense of compassion and respect during this unprecedented time. A police officer is out there to protect and safeguard the peace. Getting arrested is never the best outcome of a situation. However, offenders are presumed innocent until proven guilty as the Constitution reads. Life is full of challenges right now, we can all do our part to help and prevent the loss of more lives in our community.