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Arrested in Old Saybrook CT? What Police are Doing to Keep Drivers Safe

Old Saybrook Police Making Local Arrests on I-95 Corridor Connecticut

As we kick the summer with warmer weather and clearer skies, drunk driving reports are common, causing locals to get arrested in Old Saybrook, CT and in need of bail bonds. With increased chances for drunk driving accidents to occur, police departments around the state will be keeping heightened patrols and officers on the road to better protect drivers from drunk driving accidents.

DUIs (driving under the influence) are one of the most serious traffic-driving offenses, impacting all involved for years to come and legally leading to years of jail time, high fines, and the loss of driving privileges. As we look forward to enjoying the summer with social gatherings, partying, and celebrations, here’s some important information on drunk driving, subsequent charges, and what to do in Old Saybrook if you ever feel tipsy when needing to drive.

Legal Consequences of Someone Arrested by State Police and Charged with a DUI

arrested in old saybrook ct?
A view from I-95 of the CT State Police Troop “F”

Can someone be arrested in Old Saybrook for driving drunk? In Connecticut, a DUI is when someone “operates a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs” and is listed as a criminal offense under law. The first offense for a DUI can lead to 6-months of jail time and a maximum fine of $1,000. If the judge suspends the first sentence, the defendant can be put on probation and, at this time, will be probably required to complete 100 hours of community service. Under the first offense, the defendant’s driver’s license could be suspended.

A second offense for a DUI charge increases punishments severely. Fines can reach up to $4,000 and can land the defendant in jail for 2 years. Charges for subsequent offenses also harshly increase if convicted for multiple DUIs. If a defendant has three or more DUI charges in under 10 years, jail time can reach up to 3 years, with fines stretching to $8,000. The defendant’s driver’s license can also be permanently revoked by the state of Connecticut. If there are any outstanding factors in these DUI charges, such as injury to a minor, then jail time, fines, and other penalties can increase substantially.

Similarly, bail amounts for driving while intoxicated can range anywhere from a couple of thousand to thousands of dollars. Factors that set the bail amount are the defendant’s risk to themselves or others, the nature of the alleged offense, and which offense the defendant was arrested for. DUI bail bonds can be set at $1000, $10,000, $50,000 and higher.

Things to Know About Police Enforcement in Old Saybrook and Westbrook – I-95 Corridor.

Old Saybrook Police and the surrounding areas are keeping keen eyes on DUIs this reopening summer. Many are expecting increases in drunk driving incidents due to a high influx of travelers as more and more people in Connecticut are vaccinated. As recently as last weekend, July 4th, State police arrested 29 people for driving under the influence over the Independence Day Weekend.

How to avoid getting arrested in Old Saybrook? On occasions like holidays, police will set up sobriety checkpoints for drivers on late-night weekends and holidays. For CT State Police Troop F, these checkpoints are typically set up on Route 9 and I-95, with Clinton, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook Police keeping extra eyes out in those areas as well.

Drunk driving can get you arrested in Old Saybrook and is incredibly dangerous to you, the passengers in your vehicle, and others around you. In the U.S, drunk driving leads to death every 53 minutes. If you ever feel tipsy or drunk, instead of getting behind the wheel, utilize the many services that CT offers to prevent fatal road accidents due to drunk driving. 

Checkout this of taxi companies that run through the shoreline:

  • Uber Taxi Service
  • The CT Yellow Cab
  • Metro Taxi
  • Ace Taxi Service in CT

The I-95 corridor in Connecticut connecting the shoreline towns also has many public bus systems operating throughout the state as another way to prevent fatal road collisions. With the summer fully reopen and free entrance to hundreds of museums and local places throughout the state, keep yourself and others safe on the road by avoiding drunk driving.

3-D Bail Bonds Old Saybrook’s team of experts in bail are always only a phone call away, but avoiding the entire ordeal of an arrest should always be your top priority. For more information regarding bail bonds services, call (860) 391-0523.